Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Steele indeed

Michael Steele continues to perpetuate republican BS. Stating in an Email that the "demonstrations" against any change in healthcare are real and that the Democrats are only out to smear republicans, Michael fails to realize that with a little digging anyone with half a brain can see what's going on here. The republicans and the blue balled democrats are fighting to keep their corporate masters pleased. This is simply a war of for profit against non profit. We know that republicans are always against non profit organizations like public TV. Bush cut funding to it during his reign. The corporations and lobbying groups behind this astro turf movement didn't do a very good job of covering their tracks. When a lobbying group has to bus people state to state and hand out scripts of what to say and do that's not a grass roots movement.

Like the spoiled rich kids they are Steele and his republican cohorts seemed to have come up with a new plan, a continuation of their conract against America to try and maintain the status quo they once had. What they fail to realize is that with so many loosing their healthcare that the system as it now stands will stand no longer. When it does fall it will bring the rest of the nations' economy with it. And it is now in the process of falling. One small business owner in the midwest just had his insurance premiums raised by 42%. He will have no choice but to eliminate coverage for his workers and hope that his own family doesn't get sick. And that's the real truth Mr. Steele. If anyone should be angry it should be the people who have lost their coverage and can not afford any COBRA. They and I should be angry at you and the party you represent because we could be drowning and you wouldn't even be bothered to call 911 because it might cost you 50 cents. And in the true republican ideology as Obama pointed out in his campaign for president, if you get into trouble don't bother calling a republican because with them "you're on you own".

So it appears that since the republicans have no new ideas other than more tax cuts for the wealthy that the Democrats will have to rise to the challenge, come up with a plan and get it passed on their own because you are no help at all. Like the firemen at the front door of a burning house the Democrats are trying to spray water on the fire, while you stand at the back door pouring on gasoline. The people in the house are hoping the firemen win the fight or they could end up dead before the fire is out. Fifty million people are watching you each day and another 14,000 are joining their ranks and they see you holding that gas can.


an average patriot said...

They will never tell! The medical and pharma industries own the Repug party along with the Blue dogs. They are spending a million dollars a day fighting this. They do not want their monopoly to end but hopefully it will!

BBC said...

Health care is taking as good as care of yourself as you can while doing all sorts of stupid things trying to get yourself killed.

And dying in the end anyway. As I've often said, I don't want to leave this world the way I came into it, shitting in a diaper.

The sucking on a tit part is okay, but that shitting in a diaper part at my age would just fucking suck. He he he.

Demeur said...

Jim one way or another it will end. Either we fix the problem or it will go the way of the auto industry but worse.

Billy we'll just put you in a gunny sack with weights and take you up to the lake if you want.

BBC said...

Billy we'll just put you in a gunny sack with weights and take you up to the lake if you want.

How fucking many times do I have to tell you to toss me on a pile of driftwood on the beach at low tide and lite it up and do happy naked pagan dancing around me?

Jesusfuckingchrist, it's just one fucking body and one fucking life, and that body isn't much to an omnipresent spirit.

It's just something to live in for a while in that form.

S.W. anderson said...

You can tell Steele is lying — his lips are moving. Works with Republicans every time.

One of the things probably really bothering Republicans and their wealthy, well-connected backers is that health care can't be offshored, outsourced or scaled down in such a way as to benefit them. American doctors do what they do and it costs what it costs.

BBC said...

Today's David Horsey comic is pretty good. But if we ever get control of this country again we'll just screw it up more anyway. That is what Americans do these days, screw everything up.

Tom Harper said...

You're right, Steele and those Astroturf front groups aren't covering their tracks very well.

A 2-minute web search will bring up alll those Astroturf names you mentioned. Hopefully that's what millions of people are doing. It's so transparent, it would be funny if it weren't so infuriating.

The RNC's token Negro lies like a cheap rug.