Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waiting for Godot

I've been hanging around waiting for some news to break the last few days. I had considered going to a local town hall meeting to give up front and personnal coverage but it was to be held at a fire hall here and I figured I'd not get in and be left standing outside listening to the screeming morons. In a stroke of fate our Rep. Rick Larson had the genious idea to change the venue to a baseball stadium. Kudos to Rick for the forethought. In a baseball stadium a mob of fifty people would sound like a mouse screaming in a concert hall. Rick could easily drownd them out over the stadiums PA system. Needless to say it was a bit more civil than what you've witnessed on the nightly news. As they changed the venue on this at the last minute I didn't attend, but yes some of the same stupid talking points were brought up even though the president disproved them the day before. Again I'll say it "don't confuse me with the facts I've made up my mind." I can only conclude that much like a drowning victim we'll have to save the other side from themselves because they won't do it.

Then there's the other issues I wait patiently for. Will there be the deposition transcripts from the Sibel Edmonds meeting on Saturday? Will Holter actually appoint a special prosecutor for the torture issues? Will the investigations into the attorney firings lead to criminal prosecutions? Only time will tell. All I know is that you can only sweep so much dirt under the rug before everyone knows that all you have is a mound of dirt with a rug on it.


Tom Harper said...

Kudos to Rick Larson. Our Congressman, Norm Dicks, had a different solution. He changed his plans from a town hall meeting to a small invitation-only meeting. It's tomorrow at the local Red Lion. Wuss.

And sort of related: in today's paper, our local Republican Party leader said he expected about fifty demonstrators to gather outside the meeting. He must have a crystal ball. How else could he possibly know that 50 regular working stiffs will spontaneously get up from their chairs, be overcome with love for their country and hatred for socialist bureaucrats, hurriedly make a placard with a slogan on it, and make a beeline for the Red Lion to express their spontaneous feelings.

Bee said...

Huzzah to Rick Larson! 'bout time someone figure it out.
Now if some of the others would take a page from that playbook...