Saturday, August 29, 2009

Idiots on the freeway

Last night we got to watch live breaking news of shots fired near a mall in Seattle. Two guys described as being in their late teens or early twenties. One was arrested shortly after it all started while it took police a few hours to round up the other. Here's a note to all the dumb criminals out there. The technology that the state and local police have far out weighs anything you might have. They have night vision on planes and helicopters as well as infared sensors and dogs. Today I don't think Houdini could get away from them.
Police car chases are so common anymore that I don't consider that news because we all know how it ends. The perp rams a few cars, hits a few light poles and it all ends with a pit manouver or at the end of a cul de sac after a foot chase. Give it up guys. You're not about to out run a police cruiser in your souped up Honda because they have an eye in the sky and wait until they upgrade to drones. They'll be able to phone in your location while eating donuts at their desks. That is unless you're a sex offender with young girls living in your backyard then you're safe.


The Blog Fodder said...

Nice twist of the knife at the end. Very nice. Well done.

BBC said...

Idiots do not stop and think about the fact that it's hard to get away with some things anymore. Especially in large cities.

"That is unless you're a sex offender with young girls living in your backyard then you're safe."

I'll add religious christian crackpot to that.

an average patriot said...

It never amazes me these car chases knowing they always get caught. Here in New England you hear of someone shooting passing care pretty often. Usually kids thinking they are having fun or throwing boulders off over passes sometimes maiming people and they never catch them. It really sickens me!

Tom Harper said...

I always used to think "Big Brother!" whenever I'd read about security cameras and police technology. But now in my old age, I'm in favor of it.

On Law & Order SVU and CSI New York, it's so cool when they can zero right in and see exactly where the perp is, or type something into the computer and find out every phone call the perp has made in the last 6 month, every purchase.

There are too many vermin out there and we need to catch them.

BBC said...

I agree with Tom, cameras don't bother me because I'm doing nothing wrong. I don't look at it as a big brother thing, but as a big mother thing keeping the fucking idiot kids in line.

And many has a cell phone these days, and most of them have a camera in them.

I suppose that it won't be that long before you just clip a little camera on your shirt and with a remote device in your pocket can take a picture of a perp and it will be sent right to the cops.

Holte Ender said...

I like that: "Not Big Brother, but Big Mother."

S.W. Anderson said...

Great zinger at the end of your post, Demeur.