Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday mixed nuts

We had some nasty hot weather here last week with a couple of people dying from the heat. But no sooner did the local coffee stand put up a sign about ice cold shakes than the weather changed like somebody flipping a switch. It's one of those odditys of life I tell you. It can be dry for weeks on end but once you drag out the sprinkler and give the plants a good soaking it will rain hard the next day. An indian rain dance could do no better. And why is it that when your up to your eyeballs in work with offers of overtime that at least two other companies call wanting your services. It's feast or famine hot dogs or steak. It's a conspiracy I tell you. The forces of the universe having their own town hall meeting except they all agree to screw with the human.

Speaking of town hall meetings they're having one up here next week and I'm half tempted to go, take pictures and post them here. Sort of a moron montage if you will. This sure sounds like the death rasps of the republican party.

And speaking of the republican party I hear Mel Martinez senator from Florida is calling it quits. Florida must have been holding its' breath as of late because I hear it's starting to turn blue. I guess if the republicans in that state don't like it they can all scamper over to Texas and together can all succeed from the union. But with a wall around the new country who'd do all the manual labor for all those senior citizens. No unions there. And by leaving the union they'd be giving up that evil social security and medicare. But don't worry about grandma because there'll be plenty of room under the overpasses down there for her but she better empty her retirement fund to try and pay for medical insurance. And as soon as the insurance company drains all her retirement money and makes that $146 billion profit they'll kick her to the curb.

Speaking of curbs anyone of us could land up on the curb even though they say the economy is doing better. We've gone from a spirting wound to a mere dripping of blood in terms of unemployment. The patient isn't dead but he sure is looking peked. In my calls to potential employers this week I got to talk to a couple of company owners and I must say they weren't sounding to enthused. No work now is the repeated phrase.

With that I'll sign off until I can find a good beaver to post (maybe later)


BBC said...

We had some nasty hot weather here last week with a couple of people dying from the heat.

I lived in Arizona for a year, out in the county without A/C and even electricity. If people in Seattle die because of a little heat it's because they was idiots and better off out of the gene pool.

I really enjoyed our little heat wave, took lots of naps and spent a lot of time under the apple tree.

It wasn't that bad in Arizona either, if you wasn't working in a hot building like the Ford dealership service department like I did. Oh, wait, I quit to go sit under a tree, never mind.

Sure, we had to sleep in the bed of the pickup because of the heat, and to keep away from the rattle snakes but it sure was fun beating the shit out of them with a window squeegee when I couldn't find my tire iron.

Ah, the good old days, when men were men and women didn't give me any shit. :-)

BBC said...

Having said that, the woman I was with after my wife died was a pretty good woman and okay with how we lived when we was in Arizona.

She was a country gal, but was never happy with where we lived and I got tired of moving her all the time. I like my roots so I left her in Montana when I moved here.

She could have came with me but choose not to, bugged me for three years to return to Montana but that wasn't going to happen.

I had signed the nice home over to her with a quick claim deed and moved on.

May we live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of floods, while we're here in Florida our town in Indiana got 6 inches of rain in two hours and the cars on the street were actually floating. And speaking of the fact that there's no jobs.....and speaking of Obama.......

BBC said...

Dana, a car does not float in six inches of rain, most wheels are 14 to 16 inches plus the size of the tire so unless you try to go through six inches of water fast you are good to go.

It's that fast shit that kills a car.

Actually, cars pretty much don't float at all in deeper water, just take my word for that. l0l

The Blog Fodder said...

Six inches of rain in two hours produces water several feet deep in hurry and some cars do float. A friend of mine, years ago, was touring around the mountains on the logging roads with his VW beetle. He crossed a stream going up the mountain. On his way back, the stream had come up and when he tried to cross it floated his car downstream quite a ways. he had a hell of a time getting his car back to civilization. Served him right.

Demeur said...

Ah Fodder that reminds me of days gone by when one night we had to pull a VW sideways to get it out of the mud.

S.W. Anderson said...

Six inches of rain in two hours is a two-hour-long flash flood. I've been in inch-an-hour rain several times, and it's like being in a waterfall. Once, I couldn't see the hood ornament on the car I was riding in.

As for cars floating, it depends on the car. VW Beetles had sort of a closed underpan that made them temporarily floatable. I know, because I had two of them over a five-year period.

Re: the job situation, one of the oldest maxims about getting a job is that it's 10 times easier if you already have one.

Tom Harper said...

Speaking of those town hall meetings, there's one coming to Port Angeles in about a week. It'll be at the local Red Lion. Norm Dicks (congressman from this district) will be speaking. I'll probably go, just so I can see first-hand what these rent-a-goons are up to.

I like the occasional hot weather we get in this area, mostly because I know it won't last longer than 3 or 4 days at the most. In California, once the mercury hits the high 90s or triple digits, it can stay there for weeks on end. Hated it.