Monday, August 17, 2009

They say Obama's a socialist

With photos of Obama looking like Hitler and the right wingers calling him everything from a communist to satin. Thought I'd do a little research into the claims. Seems Hitler was far from a socialist even though that label was tied into the party name. In order to take power Hitler needed to remove any opposition to his plan. There was at the time a group called the SA (brownshirts) that was busy dispensing their form of justice on the population but that's another story. Even before Hitler rose to his full power his first order of business was to rid the population of socialists and communists which he did with his SS. The SA had brought a form of law and order to a Germany that had been crushed by WWI. The population must have been glad to have any form of law and order and were content to have the SA run things. But Hitler had other ideas. With the "night of the long knives" Hitler was able to eliminate the last remaining opposition between him and complete power.

So the ignorant right are once again too lazy to do their research leading me to believe that they get their info from old hollywood movies and we know how accurate those were. And as for dictatorial powers, who was the president that ignored more ammendments of our constitution than anyone I know? Who was the administration that said the Geneva Convention was quaint and the U.S. didn't have to follow it? What vice president sat down with the oil companies to make national policy with no input from congress? Who dumped habeus corpus? Who held an american as an "enemy combatant"? Who spent more money than all administrations combined and kept most of it off the books and out of the federal budget? Who wanted to eliminate the fillibuster?
I could go on and on but you get the idea. But if the right keeps obstructing the process and has no positive input or ideas then I hope we'll be seeing more of them hit the exits on the next election cycle. If any in their party call themselves moderates then it may be in their best interest to break with the party and form a new party.


an average patriot said...

I love the story behind that beaver picture. After listening to Romney you better be scared about Repugs saying they want a return to the original Constitution and no socialism.
Romney said Dems and our trying to help everyone is the number one enemy. Ultimately if they can they will get rid of social security. We took that from Bismark and Germany.

Tom Harper said...

That's true, it was the Germans who first came up with Social Security. It's too bad Republicans are disregarding that, since they like other German inventions so much better (Hitler's Big Lie technique, etc.)

The Blog Fodder said...

Check this out. Repugs will win in an all out war.

The Blog Fodder said...

That should read /8206280.stm

Anonymous said...

I bought a new truck. It features a radio where you can request your favorite singer. If I say WILLIE NELSON, I hear ON THE ROAD AGAIN. If I say RAY CHARLES, I hear GEORGIA.

A man cut me off in traffic and I yelled ASS HOLE and heard Obama's latest speech.

sorry. I had to do it.

Demeur said...

Let me guess you yelled Idiot!! and an old George W. Bush speech came on.

Sorry I had to say it.

Dusty said...

So the ignorant right are once again too lazy to do their research leading me to believe that they get their info from old hollywood movies and we know how accurate those were. Actually no, most of them aren't ignorant..they are too fuckwitted to be ignorant. Ignorant means lacking in education or knowledge. These reichwing jerkwads are deliberately acting obtuse, they follow the likes of RushBo and Glenn Beck. They parrot anything those assholes say.

The world is not how THEY want it, with the election of a BLACK MAN. So they will lie and obsfucate until they are six feet under..or another friggin Rethug gets the white house...which ever comes first. I hope it's the former.