Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As promised the big story is now out

From the Brad Blog

Some time back one Sibel Edmonds an FBI translator noticed that what she was translating were criminal acts by the Turkish government involving several sitting U.S. Congressmen. She was fired and gagged for several years by the Bush administration. The last time I checked criminal acts are not covered by the State Secrets Act or any other Executive priviledge.

So break out the popcorn and go have a read. But here's a little tease before you go:

The exclusive interview lays out the details of what can be described as nothing short of a national security cancer that has metastasized throughout the U.S. government, to the covert monetary, military, and strategic intelligence benefit of our allies and enemies alike.

Hat tip to Brad Friedman for all his hard work on this


Holte Ender said...

Names have been named, it will be interesting to see if any MSM pick up on this. Don't hold your breath.

Demeur said...

I shot an email off to MSNBC about this. Let's see if they'll pick it up or will 60 minutes do a follow up as they were the first to interview her when this first happened.

an average patriot said...

I was wondering how I was going to find that thanks. This crap will be leaking out and denied for a century and the depth of their lies interference and deception in most instances will die with them and never be known!

BBC said...

I have a better idea, rather than wade through it I'll just go camping being as there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

Hey, the first weekend of October is coming up fast, coming over to Port Townsend for the Kinetics Festival?

Sunday is the big race and funny speeches and such but the ball on Saturday night is a lot of fun also.

If you want to attend it also I can toss a tent in the truck for you, after all, you can't sleep in the camper with me, I'm picky about that.

Well, you could sleep in the camper but the table is fixed so that it no longer converts into a bed.

But I have two tents and a camp cot and all kinds of other gear. It would do you good to get away from your infernal computer for a few days.

S.W. Anderson said...

That's quite a story. The MSM should pursue it, but I won't hold my breath. If they don't report on it, wouldn't it be swell if they would give an honest, complete answer as to why they won't?

S.W. Anderson said...

BBC wrote: "It would do you good to get away from your infernal computer for a few days."

Doesn't have to be either/or. That's why they make laptops and netbooks. ;)

Demeur said...

One of these years I'll get over there but not right now. Things are getting tight here and I'm not making any trips other than for groceries.

I'd love to see Cheney and Bush in a cell with a big dude named Bubba but I know that won't happen. They did get Cuningham though so there may be some hope yet.