Saturday, September 12, 2009

A headline you wouldn't have seen under Bush

Iran FM says nuclear talks with West are possible.

As Iran was labeled one of the axis of evil by Bushco you know there would never be talks with Iran or N. Korea or any other boogyman the right would think up. But as most adults know some type of talks are required with any nation whether you believe in their ideology or not. We were the enemy to Russia since just after WWII and yet we managed to hammer out a nuclear agreement S.A.L.T. So I'm very glad McCain did not win the election because according to him "you don't even talk to such nations" (his words from the very last debate).

The 9/12ers are having a protest in the capital. These are the "tea baggers" of the last wingnut protest. What are they protesting now? I've heard anything from taxes to health care reform and not to forget the second amendment. Normally I'd be surprised at such ignorance but after watching Jaywalk Allstars a couple of times this doesn't surprise me. On taxes they don't seem to get it that Obama just lowered those the earlier part of this year for most people as well as business. Health care must be changed or it won't be there for most people in very short order. I don't see any bills before congress to repeal the 2nd amendment at present. As for the protest I don't think you'll see the likes of Warren Buffet there screaming that he pays too much in taxes. Quite the contrary he knows that the middle and lower classes pay more than their fair share and has said as much. So this leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a pep rally for ignorance. They're letting corporate America do their bidding by creating an astro turf protest. Remember many of the protesters work for these corporations. So there'll be screams and rants and speeches and in the end the outcome will be something like "We showed them didn't we?" But what did they accomplish? They showed us their ignorance and insecurity. And my greatest fear is that they'll start waving their guns around and somebody will get hurt but it usually isn't the ones their anger is directed towards. And the sad fact is that they are in the ever shrinking minority. So for a time in history they too can feel what indians, blacks, the Irish, the Germans, the jews and any other minority has felt at one time or another in American history. But the truly sad fact is that they are being used by corporate America by an even smaller group who hold the power and wealth and won't part with even a scrap of it.
So to me this is like a pep rally complete with bonfire for a game that will never be played. In the end nothing will become of it. Corporations will make their backroom deals after dumping stacks of cash on the senators desks. Taxes on the rich will go up although not quite as much as reported. A health care bill will pass but not quite what we expected. And life will go on. That is until the next side show is assembled and ready for your viewing pleasure.


BBC said...

Things are getting pretty interesting from my point of view.

The coming years main attractions - distractions.

For example, if they can keep everyone distracted enough with fiasco's like a new and improved health care program and 9/11 and such they can sneak in things we won't notice until it's to late.

That of course has nothing to do with this post I suppose, just thought I would toss it in here.

We're just angry because we are small and made out of meat.

Guess I'll cut up some pallets today.

Cool beaver on the other post.

Tom Harper said...

Don't get me started on those F#$%&#! teabaggers and their protest in Washington DC. I just read about it on Yahoo! News. And the "news" story was totally slanted in their favor. A Vietnam veteran who needs a cane and paid his own way to get to DC for this protest; a 45-year-old woman who said she's never been interested in politics before but now she's suddenly worried about how her children's children's children will pay for all this deficit spending.

Either these people are mindless drones owned and operated by FreedomWorks, or they were in a coma all during Dumbya's presidency.

Brother Tim said...

Yeah, 'life will go on', but the quality will be diminished.