Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mixed nuts and bolts

I see people are starting to leave Floruba. Seems the high cost of living and low wages are driving people out. Isn't this how republicans want it? Where do they think their groundskeepers and pool boys are going to live? In another state and commute? To top it off the cost of electricity, hurricane insurance and property taxes are about set to go up. Dang Dana looks like you got to the party late on this one.

Looks like they're going to build a pipe line from Alberta Canada down to the midwest. They'll be pumping the oil from the oil sands up there some of the dirtiest oil in the world. My guess is that we're setting up for when we get out of Iraq and they don't sell us any of their oil. The problem with the sand oil is that it takes more energy to extract it than you get out of it. Hummm. Where have I heard of that happening before? Oh yes it's the same for nuclear energy. What ever happened to the clean renewable energy that Obama was all for?

Here's a tie in to the above. Our state is now giving out funds for training for out of work folks like myself. For things like weatherization and "green jobs". I even got a letter in the mail saying I could get $5300 covered. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but training for what? There aren't any jobs out there other than on call fill in positions or jobs that require a specific four year degree. And Boeing just laid off another 200 last week.

Just went to help a relative with some dental work. We need to fix this broken system fast. Went to the office and they had (I kid you not) four people just to handle the paperwork. It landed up costing him $4700 and that was with a discount plan and that was only for 1/2 the work. To boot this was the cheapest place he could find. I wonder if eyeballs and teeth will be part of the health care plan?


Bee said...

Good dog, $4700. For only half the work. We've got to get this 5000 lb buick off our backs.

BBC said...

Retrain for green hazmat, hum, sounds like the future to me, better jump on that train, or create if it hasn't been yet.

Tom Harper said...

So where will these Florida refugees go? My guess: the part of Alabama that borders Florida will get swamped with Florida expatriates. Prices will triple and this part of Alabama will be overcrowded, polluted and gentrified.