Saturday, September 5, 2009

Court rules against Ashcroft

The 911 detainees are suing Ashcroft for violating the constitution. My question, what part of the constitution didn't the last administration violate? Oh that's right there was that ammendment about the repeal of prohibition.

Ashcroft lawsuit

I get the funny feeling that between this, the torture memos, and the bribery and blackmail case involving the Turkish government that this is all going to come to a head some day. It will get to the point where you won't know which trial to watch. And you thought Watergate was a big deal.

In other news Obama is trying to give help for retirement savings plans. Good luck with that one. First I know exactly how the right will try and spin this. One of the plans is to have tax refunds sent as a savings bond. I can hear it now. Obama wants your retirement funds the right will scream so he must be a communist. But no if you actually get a refund check at the end of the year you'll notice that they put a card in with it encouraging you to buy U.S. savings bonds. It's been that way for several years now. But most people have been conditioned to just throw that out as another advertisement headed for the recycle. But the biggest problem with any plan is that those of us in the middle and bottom have seen our earning power drop over the last eight years. And any savings is set aside for a medical emergency not retirement. The republicans have a solution for that called a "medical savings account". But here's the fine print on that one. You need to use the money in the account before the year ends or you lose it. Hey isn't that called stealing? And how do I know if I'm going to get sick in any one year? I guess this is just another way for the rethugs to make their insurance buddies richer. So if your employer offers you one of these plans run do not walk or sign anything unless it's to opt out.


Randal Graves said...

It's certainly come to a head, but in the history books thirty years down the road. Then the next time it happens, we'll be told we need to heal and look to the future.

This country is dumb.

Brother Tim said...

With health care costs rising faster than teenage hormones, there are no more retirement savings, only medical emergency accounts.

BBC said...

I haven't been following it that close, it all has more effect on younger people than it does an old fuck like me and they are the ones that needs to pay attention and see that things get done right, whatever right is, I can't picture any health care plan that will make everyone happy.

If I get sick and don't get fixed I'll just get dead, sometimes there is freedom in that.

Anyway, we got a bit of rain here last night, not much but it helps, was getting pretty dry here.

BBC said...

Randal, this country is way past stupid, it's even passed autistic.

Utah Savage said...

My medical emergency account was permanently sucked dry the year United Healthcare decided that despite my $1,000. a month premium (because I got a diagnosis of bipolar disorder) they would not cover psychiatrist visits nor the drugs the psychiatrist prescribed. So along with the hefty payment to United Healthcare, I payed out over $1,000 a month in medical costs. Then United Healthcare dropped me.

Then I couldn't afford the drugs so I ended up in the psych ward for a two week stay. Then I lost my job. Then I went bankrupt, then I filed for disability, which I got two years later. Nice system, eh?

Roger Owen Green said...

I've never understood, except as a political maneuver to appear non-partisan, the idea of "things were done, but let's move past that." Those who are the victims of oppression, in whatever form it takes, aren't going to move past that. You create a class of people who distrust the govt/the business/whatever to do the right thing.
It's as though I walk up to someone and smack him in the head. My next sentence to him is "Let's move past that unfortunate incident." Wha? Where's the culpability, responsibility? Not even an apology?

BBC said...

I think that it was you that suggested I go to comment moderation so I'm going to give it a shot, it's the only way I'll get rid of the bitch.

Raining here this morning.

Demeur said...

Dumb? Yes and it looks like the wingnuts want our kids even dumber. Watch out for them edumicated elitists.

Billy if every other industrialized country can have health care why can't we? Are we that greedy? This will affect all of us when the system starts its major collapse in a few years if nothing is done. Kind of like waiting to have your brakes fixed until you don't have any.

Utah I think you made my point exactly. It's letting an individual go totally bankrupt before they get help that makes no sense. Instead of getting someone back on their tax paying feet we let them hit bottom and be a burden.

Rodger Had some crime happened to one of the poeple saying let's move past that, then you'd see the police the, Secret Service and the FBI on them like stink on poop with a quick trial and long prison sentence.

Billy I wasn't the one who said about comment moderation. I say bring em on unless they're just spammers. You can always hit the trash can.

Holte Ender said...

It would be great to see Ashcroft on the witness stand, that is if he didn't "Fly Like an Eagle" to escape the long arm of the law.

Tom Harper said...

Can't wait to see Ashcroft "twist slowly, slowly in the wind" (name that quote).

Ashcroft has exactly one redeeming feature: he looked good in comparison after Gonzales took over.

BBC said...

Billy if every other industrialized country can have health care why can't we? Are we that greedy?

That's part of the reason, but only part of it. This country fears socialism and sees a government ran health care system as such.

Actually, it's more like we have built a really stupid system of government and capitalism because we are that fucking stupid.

At least our ancestors started it and no matter how smart some of us are now (or think we are) I don't see any way of reversing or fixing it until it falls over and we can try again to get it right.

For starters this two political party of left and right is bullshit but no other political units are going to gain much power.

I don't see the need for political party's at all. But then I don't see the need to have to go through an election every four years either.

Or having to give up a president after eight years if we ever get a good one again.

Obama means well in some ways but you see signs everyday where they are just making him a member of the club.

It appears that a president doesn't have much power anymore, not the right kind of power anyway.

It seems like they just have the power to create more chaos. I hope that those in the future learn something from the history of all this bullshit.

Oh, wait, never mind, we're fucking idiots and we're getting what we deserve, ha ha ha.

Brother Tim said...


Can't wait to see Ashcroft "twist slowly, slowly in the wind" (name that quote).

John Ehrlichman's famous words about Patrick Gray.

Using Ashcroft and Gonzales in the same sentence has me saying, "Slooooowly I turned..." (name that quote) :)

Demeur said...

That's easy Tim the Niagra Falls bit (The three stooges)

Roger Owen Green said...

"...step by step, inch by inch" was stolen for Godspell. I was in a local production 34 years ago.