Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wondering down the financial road

I was going to do something on Glen Beck but thought the wiser. Why waste precious bits and byte space on a clown like that? But briefly I hear Sarah Palin's book may come out in a short. What's that you say about 100 monkeys typing? (wasn't that the name of a blog?)

There's Bernie Madoff doing his 149 years in prison and those in charge of his case trying to find what's left of the $65 billion. Where did you hide all that money Bernie? They only found a couple hundred million from your houses and boats etc. They know some of that money was paid out to the first in line. Your relatives say that they don't know what happened to the money wink wink, nod nod. Sure we believe that when your boys were the ones overseeing the piggy bank. And speaking of some of the ones who beat it out first with a bag full of loot, I just know you could provide a 900% return on an investment you're just that kind of a whiz kid financial guru.
So let that be a lesson to all investers out there. On rare occasions an investment will pay some outragious return. I once hit 45% on a mutual fund but that happened for about a week before the fund took a nose dive and within a few short months was losing money. At present you'd have had better luck putting your nest egg under the mattress and lost nothing. People are worrying about rampent inflation but we're no where near getting to that point. Housing prices were up slightly in July but don't get your hopes up because there still a ton of foreclosures hidden in the banks books. A ton of mortgages haven't been rewirtten and there's the option and Alt-A loans to work through the system. I stumbled upon the foreclosure notices in the local newspaper the other day (no I wasn't looking at the obits!). In years past you'd see maybe 5 or 6 notices. Last week I counted 60!
I see a few green shoots of construction here and there but mostly minor repair work. Once again the round of calls to local construction companies resulted in nothing. No work. My question, why did they wait so long to release money for road work when they know the season is very short? Nothing came out until July 1 which is right about the middle of construction season. And even then they were hesitant to get the jobs going.
Maybe I could get work making bullets. I hear there's a shortage and they can't make em fast enough. Or maybe make anti Obama bumper stickers. I hear they suckered 2000 rednecks into buying them for $30 a piece. Dang $60 grand for a weekends work not bad. I see they're coming out with an Obama chia pet. That's it he's imortal now. Now if I could just come up with a scheme where you have to opt out or pay me $5 I'd have it made. But no I won't put one of those donate buttons or ads on this site. That's crass comercialism and I'd have to watch my P & Qs.


Holte Ender said...

The economy still sucks, no matter what corner has been turned, or bottom reached, no jobs are being created.

BBC said...

I won't buy her book, I'm not going to contribute any money to those monkeys getting richer but I suppose it will be a big seller, that's how stupid the monkeys in this country are.

But slap some lipstick on that pig and I'll want to kiss her tits.

Fuck the economy, I've been telling you folks for years that it was going to tank.

I get by just fine on less than twelve grand a year while helping others and I'm tired of hearing spoiled monkeys whining about it all.

You never hear me complaining about not having enough money. Well, other than enough for property in the country but if it comes to having to actually do that I know places where I can go squat for free and not be bothered.

BBC said...

The economy still sucks, no matter what corner has been turned, or bottom reached, no jobs are being created.

I believe he is retired so why in the hell should he care? Hell, I'm retired but could go to work tomorrow if I wanted too, all it would take is a few phone calls.

The work would only pay about twenty bucks an hour but I'm not a greedy person if I want a few extra bucks. Honest work is honest work.

S.W. Anderson said...

It's disgusting that Palin is going to make big bucks for her ghost-written book when so many people who are ready, willing and able to do useful work can't get a job to save their life.

I've got a job for Palin, one that might provide her a life experience worth writing about. She should spend a few hours a week in a nursing home. She should read to someone who's lost his/her eyesight. She should talk with someone who's outlived all his/her family and friends, and hasn't had a visitor in two years. She should help feed someone who might be struggling to get down their last meal.

There's more worth writing about in those things than in shooting wildlife from a plane, exhibiting her lack of intellectual wherewithal on national TV and being No. 2 on one of the least coordinated and attractive presidential tickets in ages.

S.W. Anderson said...

On the economy, I deeply regret every day that goes by without the president, other prominent Democrats and liberal civilians emphasizing this mess isn't a quirk of nature or a bit of bad cosmic luck. Our economic woes are the direct result of conservatives, libertarians and other laissez-faire fanatics and free market extremists. We can thank them and Republicans in and out of office for where we are now — and should.

Much more needs to be said about how we got into this mess. More needs to be said about an ideology and political approach that ensures booms, busts and that the rich will get ever richer largely by seeing to it the rest of us are getting poorer or running ever harder just to stay in place.

We spent the summer listening to the idiotic right raise hell. We should be raising so much hell no one can hear them.

BBC said...

I've got a job for Palin,

So do I, sucking my cock.... :-)

MRMacrum said...

But on a brighter note, my bike shop is better off than it was a year ago. Didn't make any money, but I didn't go deeper in the hole either. Actually I owe less than I did a year ago. What's that I see up there? A light? Maybe.

And that is how it is going out my way. No one is sitting pretty, but Life seems to have bottomed out. Many folks are calming down and settling into whatever lifestyle they find themselves in right now. Not happy, not sad. Maybe more of "I am glad it isn't any worse" mentality.

I figure if the fringes of the Right and the Left are so fired up, things must be getting back to normal. Bible thumping Teabaggers and Anarchists. What a great country. There is something or someone to laugh at no matter where I look.

Randal Graves said...

I thought you typed 'making mullets.' Must've been the word 'redneck' seeping into my peripheral vision.

Holte Ender said...

Retired or not I can still care about the economy, it affects people I care about.