Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Here's the reason a bunch of people are out of work, at least 120+ anyway. It's $1.8 billion just to get rid of your poop.

What a funky name for a sewage plant.

Grassley is on spewing the usual republican BS. He seems to be fine with any system that doesn't cut into his insurance company's blood money. You'll get a tax break under his system which translates into the rich getting more cash while the rest of us get screwed. Screw you Grassley go retire and let us eliminate your cushy retirement benefits and we'll give you a $25 tax break.

Breaking news: Queen Victoria's dirty undies have been found film at 11. Eeeeew!

Obama gives his great school speech and I don't hear the statue of liberty collapsing. Only heard part of it. Okay here's the message for the other side. Don't study hard. Let yourself down. Don't stay in school. And by all means be a burden on society. Because what we don't need is more intelligent educated people. We need more Walmart, Starbucks and McDonalds workers. Why develop engineers when we can pick up a a whole bunch cheap in India. Doctors? We can just send patients to China and sponge off them. Think of the profits margins.
He also went on to tell children to wash their hands frequently and stay home when they felt ill. The nerve of him. I want my kids with filthy swine flu ridden hands and it might be the undocumented nanny's day off for god's sake.

More news and opinion as it happens.

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