Friday, September 4, 2009

The Death Chamber of Commerce

Once again the republican cronies are spreading lies. Now it's through the Chamber of Commerce. "Will some Washington politicians blow up your health care?" is the opening page.

Here's the lies:

1.Lie: Millions of Americans could be forced into a one size fits all government scheme.
Fact: If a public option were passed it would force private plans to lower costs therefore cutting their profits. Even Medicare a public plan is not a one size fits all plan.

2. Lie: The takeover will mean tax hikes, higher premiums and massive Medicare cuts hitting seniors.
Fact: Private plans would have to raise rates to make the same or more profits. The Medicare "cuts" they speak of is by cutting the waste in the system and make it more efficient. No cuts to seniors.

3. Lie: Hundreds of billions will added to the exploding federal deficit, meaning still higher taxes and fewer choices in our childrens future.
Fact: The only ones getting a tax increase would be those making over $250 K a year. Had we not gone into Iraq we would have had all the money needed for a plan. The democrates had to fight for SCHIP the program for children's health care. They wanted to expand that program but Bush and the republicans quashed it.

4. Lie: We pay more and get less care
Fact: With no public option you will pay more and get less as more and more people lose their coverage forcing insurers to raise rates and cut losses (the sickest patients).

5. Lie: Our childred are burdened by crippling debt and higher taxes.
Fact: I don't seem to recall as a kid paying for what FDR spent during the depression years. That fell on the very rich who were taxes at a 90+% tax rate. But these guys are just too greedy to part with even 1% to help the middle or lower classes.

6. Lie: Healthcare that Americans are satisfied with is replaced by a risky scheme that leaves politicians in charge.
Fact: I don't know that Americans are very satisfied with the present private plans that are impossible to understand and always seem to have a way of not covering what you need. I don't seem to recall a politician comming to the hospital when my mother or grandmother was in the hospital under Medicare to tell the doctors how to do things or what they'd cover.

The flyer goes on and on about deficits and taxes the usual screaming points of the right wing and asks me to contact my senators. Well I already did and I told them we need a public option and that the republicans don't want anything other than the status quo. So I told them to proceed without republicans and get a bill passed.


BBC said...

I don't think that many would like my solutions either, you just can't please these monkeys.

But I admire the problem.

Bustednuckles said...

The Chamber of Commerce is a terrorist organization.

Tom Harper said...

The same people who didn't bat an eye when we poured trillions into Iraq and the War on Drugs, are now suddenly worried about higher taxes.

Anonymous said...

mm... luv this thread