Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Public Option = Protection for Insurance company profits

I see the bill is out of the senate bought and paid for by the insurance companies. Baucus was paid some $3 million dollars by the insurance companies. A little conflict of interest there no? With no public option it will do nothing for the average comsumer but it will fatten the wallets of the insurance companies. I guess they'll be poping the champaign corks at the CEO offices at Cigna, Wellpoint, Blue Cross and the others. So with this bill they have effectively once again screwed the American people The good ole boys with their backroom deals have done it again putting the fox to come up with security of the chicken coop. Last time it was the "energy deal" that Cheney made with the oil and coal companies. We saw how that one turned out when gas went to $4 a gallon. So hold on to your wallets people it'll be profits before all else. Your life will only mean a small figure on the bottom line of a corporate spreadsheet. They won't give a damn if you have cancer or whatever disease and you know they'll figure out how to get around the rules because they always do. If they didn't there'd be no fine print at the bottom and there wouldn't be pages and pages of exclusions.
I'm sure there are those out there who have drank this Kool aide and will be thinking so what they fixed the problem get over it when in reality they did absolutely nothing. Good luck trying to get seen by a doctor when your unemployment runs out and you can't pay those premiums that have already drained your bank account. Why not just put a tax on the retarded and disabled? They can't fight back. Or maybe a tax on the homeless.
The bill puts a $6 billion tax on insurance companies. Ha like their lawyers haven't already been working on how to get around that. Fear not insurance boys you won't be giving up the corporate jets and junkets just yet.
Then there's the people who will really get screwed on this thing. We got a little taste of it by what was done in Massachusetts. They required everyone to have coverage. All well and good except the suposed plans that were offered that were affordable didn't exist. So what did people do? They are going without coverage and I guess are being fined. And I'm sure like most programs this one won't take into consideration that fact that if you get sick and can't work how are you going to pay the manditory premiums? And it won't take into consideration other factors like other life emergencies. Your house goes up in a fire and you lost everything but you still have to pay the insurance company CEOs so they can ride their jets.
And lastly tell me this. Why does a corporation need three jets when there is phone, mail, email, fax and video conferencing? These CEOs are the greediest bastards on the planet. Just how many treatments could have been provided when you spent several thousand dollars per hour for each hour you spent in the air? How many peope's lives could have been saved when you were attending that junket at company expense?


Tom Harper said...

I haven't read much news today yet, but I saw a Buzzflash article yesterday, saying that the public option might still be voted on as a separate bill, using that "reconciliation" process (only 51 votes needed). Either that or they might insert it into a budget bill that can't be filibustered.

Hope springs eternal.

Holte Ender said...

I can see the Baucus Bill beings torn to shreds before the ink is dry on the paper.

Fines for people who don't buy insurance, ridiculous, if you can't afford to buy insurance, how can you afford a fine of $3,800.

an average patriot said...

I saw the sleazy looking bastard. No surprise his was the only name on it. It is no surprise the insurance Industry owns him. His Bill will amount to nothing but another waste of time and money!!
I have to laugh! It sounded to me like that Bill was modeled after Romney's, ours in Massachusetts. There are still those getting fines here, it is going broke, and they are still looking for affordable policies for some!

The Moose said...

Pretty soon, we won't care about Health Care. Dust off the bongs.

Demeur said...

Welcome Moose. Any friend of Brother Tim is welcome here.

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Randal Graves said...

Your life will only mean a small figure on the bottom line of a corporate spreadsheet.

I think it already has for a long time.