Monday, September 14, 2009

Now for something different

What has dissapeared due to tech advances or changes? This inspired by an article about 50 changes due to the internet. I'll call them gone or almost gone.

Telegraph - gone
Rotary dial telephone - gone
Wired telephone - almost gone
CRT TV - almost gone
Passbook savings accounts - gone
Eight track tapes - gone (except the ones collecting mold in somebodys' basement)
Record stores - almost gone
Record players - almost gone (but making a brief come back as a retro thing) new ones connect to the computer
Video rental stores - almost gone
Lead paint - gone
Distributor cap - gone (except the blogger by that name)
Innertubes for tires - gone
Vent windows for cars - gone
Space Shuttle - almost gone
Pagers - gone

So see if you can add to the list and see how much of our not too distant past is gone or nearly gone.


an average patriot said...

One of my sons still listens to my 8 tracks but you know what I was wondering about yesterday? Phone booths! No more hiding in them or stuffing your friends in them. They use to be all over.

Holte Ender said...

Common Sense.

BBC said...

I got a list like that in an email recently. I'm headed to Oregon in the morning, you folks are in charge while I'm gone, ha ha ha.

J. Marquis said...

Did you ever watch "30 Rock" when Liz Lemon was dating the last beeper salesman in Manhattan?

Demeur said...

Phone booths? Try, pay phones in general are disappearing.
Good one Holte.
Billy - almost gone.
Didn't catch that one J.

Brother Tim said...

Damn the Internet! I was wondering why vent windows disappeared.

pygalgia said...

When my Mom passed, one of the items found in the house was my Grandfather's slide rule. My nieces had no clue what it was, so I demonstrated how it was used to do a variety of equations. I had to explain that calculators are relatively new, and that I might be part of the last generation that had to learn to use a slide rule for higher math.
Boy, it makes me feel old that I know how to use one.

Randal Graves said...

Paper better not go away any time soon. I ain't composin' on some fuckin' computer screen, dangnabbit.

They took all the pay phones off campus last year. Everyone has a bloody cell phone.