Thursday, September 17, 2009

This one slipped under my radar

September 17 is Constitution Day. A day meant to celebrate the signing of the constitution. Sorry all you gov. workers you don't get another day off, but it was meant that all schools receiving federal funds to take the day and study the constitution. Wonder if the rethugs will call this a communist plot. Wouldn't want the sheeple actually understanding how our government is supposed to work.

On that note some whiz bang educator here is wanting to lower the graduation requirements to a D average. If their resolution is passed all Seattle schools will be turning out more Bushs onto society. Looking back to when I was a supervisor in the 80s many of the kids who graduated from high school were functionally illiterate. I had to supervise them. And that was when the drop out rate was near the highest in the nation. Truly strange considering this state sells more books than anywhere else. Most private schools require a B- for passing. Top this off with the elimination of the WASIL tests required for graduation and we won't be able to compete with Chinese slave labor. There's a lot of training programs being put together right now but with the illiterate lot that will be graduating I see no bright future for this country. I didn't know stupid was a god given right.


Randal Graves said...

Sorry all you gov. workers you don't get another day off

No shit. But the joke's on them, I'm commenting on your post while at work. Muahahahahaha, etc.

Keeping 'em stupid makes 'em easier to manipulate.

Brother Tim said...

" I didn't know stupid was a god given right."

Damn!!! Neither did I. Thanks for posting this. ;)

Demeur said...

Hey Graves get back to work! Those of us on the sidelines need more unemployment.

Tim always glad to be of service.

Holte Ender said...

When the Chinese increase their education standards to the same degree we are reducing ours, all the jobs in textiles, making toys and manufacturing cheap crap, may come here. Ain't that a terrible thought.

MRMacrum said...

I didn't know stupid was a god given right

I don't think God gave it to us. But the Constitution did. Or so it would seem.

And for the last 250 years, the pols of the day have been trying to figure new ways to legislate it, nuture it, and take advantage of it. With enough of us practicing it on a day to day basis, we make their job easy.

Tom Harper said...

China's moving up while we're moving down. Pretty soon, Chinese families will be telling their kids "now finish your chow mein, think of all those starving Americans."

"Shit, this thing was made in America. No wonder it doesn't work."

Demeur said...

The really sad thing is that for a while there jobs were coming back to Tenn. from India because they didn't have enough phone operators for their service centers.

Roger Owen Green said...

And now for my self-serving plug for my post on Constitution Day.