Thursday, May 27, 2010

65 miles and counting 100 miles and counting

That was the initial report of the amount of marsh land that has been contaminated with oil so far. BP those bastions of truth beg to differ stating this morning that there was only 38 acres with but a small sheen. But what BP doesn't realize is that there is an army of scientists out there documenting in exact terms the extent of this spill. Just today the good people from the University of South Florida just brought their research boat the Weatherbird II back from the waters of Mobile Bay, Alabama where they finished monitoring an oil plume 3 miles wide by 22 miles long and some 3300 feet deep. Another scientist (sorry didn't catch his name) has been taking samples in the wetlands to determine the extent of the damage and give a record to dispute BPs claims.
Lately BP has been claiming that there is no potential hazard to workers and that levels are well within the EPA guidelines. I find that interesting since the Coast Guard had just ordered all fishermen who had been out there to shore after many of them got sick from exposures. We saw similar illnesses during the European spill some years back. It was 2002 when the single hulled tanker Prestige was carrying 82000 tons of a heavy crude. The ship Liberian registered was inspected in Russia before heading on it's journey. The captain noting that ship was a little less than sea worthy resigned and another captain found. After being turned away from Spain, Portugal and France the ship was headed back south off the coast of Spain when it broke in two spilling a good part of it's load. I remember this because just after it broke apart the oil started washing ashore and a storm was due a day or two after. When the storm hit it blew oily water over the coastal town making most of the residents quite sick.

Now for a question that reporters should be asking but haven't. Exactly what is in the drilling mud they're using to try and stop this leak? From what I've read they're all toxic. Great now in addition to the oil and the toxic dispersants that the EPA told them to stop using, they're adding to the toxic soup with mud that contains barium, glycol and a bunch of other nasty stuff.

What to do? First get the leak stopped then get a couple of supertankers with vacuums as close to shore as possible. As for the marshes they'll have to burn a good part of that and whether they can be rebuild is another story.

The flag graphic is from the Spanish group that cleaned up the Prestige spill, a volunteer group I might add. The translation - Never again.

Keep your drums upright and sealed.


Guitar Tim said...

You know they all act like this is so new. Never before stuff tried. Technology fresh. They are so full of shit. 31 years ago almost the same thing happened in the Gulf. The same shit was tried then, same dispersant and all. We haven't advance one bit in our knowledge on how to deal with a spill like this. We sure know how to drill further in the ground though.
I know your pissed and so am I.
As far as the tankers I've said that maybe two weeks ago. That was something they have used before and it worked well. When Chris Mathews asked Admiral Allen about it yesterday, it was like news to him and perhaps they might consider it.
There must somewhere be a MSDS on that Mud and of course I'm compelled to find it. Great work your doing. someone once said "the truth will set you free". I don't think we have ever been told the truth.

BBC said...

I was wondering what is in the drilling mud also. Or, just exactly what is drilling mud?

I've decided to just follow it with interest and let others bitch about it and fight it being as there's nothing I can do.

I just hope that it doesn't get so bad that a lot of those monkeys decide to start moving North. I don't want anymore stupid monkeys here.

Guitar Tim said...

I posted about the Mud. Of course I linked to you. Check it out, it contains things like asbestos.

Guitar Tim said...

Just a note.. I've been watching the live feed and right now nothing is coming out of the well. Just robots working. It's been about 30 minutes.
Let's hope.

Demeur said...

Tim I saw that. Just made me want to bitch slap that idiot. He should be next on the firing list if you ask me.

Billy go to Wiki and look it up.
As for a Northern invasion I sent out an invitation saying Billy said to tell y'all to come on up. We got plenty of room here.
You won't mind Bubba and the boys movin in right?

You realize that that's how we got opossums in this state. The Tarheals brought them from N.C. Good eats I guess.

BBC said...

I've been watching the live feed and right now nothing is coming out of the well.

Where is the live feed link?

BBC said...

If they manage to keep it sealed we'll have to find something else to whine about.

I wonder what the next environmental disaster story will break next.

Hum, the sentence above just looks wrong, feel free to improve it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting read Mr.Demeur and Thanx. I am just now wondering how long before some tropical storm hit's which season is right around the corner, which may even scatter the problem even wider, and of course my home state of Texas as well and all the west Gulf Coast down along Mexico to. I really hope that this BP stick's to the shit their tellin us about being fully financially accountable, and cleaning this up. I just dont feel very optimistic for some reason, or trust alot of folk's, especially month's before mid term election's I reckon.

Thanx Guy .......

an average patriot said...

I am sick of their lying. They should have been Politicians. Their toxic death is going to be horrible to the gulf then it will spread and get worse.

I understand they found another large underwater plume of poison 300' thick and 28 miles long off Florida. Wait until this crap gets in the gulf stream.

BBC said...

As comedian Denis Leary put it on Twitter Thursday night: "BP: efforts to plug oil spill going as planned. In other news: So is the hunt for Bin Laden."