Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grandpa Walnuts better watch out

Specter looses in Pa while Paul wins in Ky. Look for Johnny to swing yet further right as the campaign continues. Just how far right can you go?
You think it's about time to impose an age limit? Either that or lower their medical care. Probably the only reason they keep running. At $100 per month health care premiums wouldn't you?

BP exec Tony Haywood predicts oil spill damage to be "modest". Yeah right pal. Can I buy a short on that?

Speaking of shorts Germany is going to ban some shorts. We should have done that a long time ago. What's a short? It's betting that an investment will fail or go down in price. Kind of like buying insurance only you don't have to own the investment product you're insuring. Think of it like heading to the local nursing home and being able to insure the patients even if you aren't related.

Funny how with all this oil leaking into the gulf and the price of oil is now going down. That never happened in the past. In the past when there was any type of interuption or event oil would jump in price. I guess the speculators are running for cover. But the next bubble? That would be gold. There's no good reason gold should be as high as it is. People aren't running out to buy rings or jewlery and manufacturers aren't using tons of it in their processes. And if you're thinking of selling watch out. There's enough scams out there. Remember you heard it here first.

Still waiting for the state to work out the weatherization program. I heard while I was taking my weatherization supervisor course that they added yet another 6 billion dollars to the program. That makes $21 billion and not a dime has made it to the local level.

Keep your drums upright...


BBC said...

Money is supposed to make it to the local level? How will our leaders get by if they can't figure out ways to keep it to themselves? If there's any extra they'll use it to hire consultants, you should start a consulting firm. If they use consultants and things go wrong they can always use the excuse that it wasn't their thinking that made the mess.

A sign in town was too intriguing.


Demeur said...

I had considered that Billy. You recall Seattle wanting to "fix" Mercer Street in Seattle? They spent over 15 million in studies and it's still not fixed.

Randal Graves said...

As long as they don't ban hot pants.

amadmike1 said...

The "local level" always suffers. As to Johnny Walnuts I think his days are numbered.

Tom Harper said...

Republican incumbents will move further to the Right (if that's even possible), and they'll be transforming themselves into "outsiders." Orin Hatch is already trying to portray himself as an "outsider" with contempt for "the Beltway," even though he's been in the Senate since the Jurassic Era.

Tim said...

Dang it! I'd hate to see Crash McCain go.. How would we ever build that fence?;)

an average patriot said...

Good one! All this money that's available and none top be found. I can't believe the local unions here keep saying there is no work. Our entire infrastructure needs to be rebuilt. I don't get it!

All these frigging incumbents better be worried regardless of party. I think Dems fared pretty well so far.

S.W. Anderson said...

Shorting as a practice probably ought to be outlawed. Small-scale individual investors rarely do it. It's a tool of "whales" and gigantic outfits like Goldman Sachs.

The problem with that is that those super-rich interests have the wherewithal and power to make bad things happen to companies they're betting will go down. Sort of like letting someone who has no use for you to begin with take out a million-dollar life insurance policy on you. And if he can afford to do that, he can afford a hit man.

It's called "moral hazard." Unfortunately, conservatives/Republicans only make reference to moral hazard when discussing things like unemployment benefits, welfare and mortgages and other credit for low-income people. In their view, apparently, people in $1,000 suits and $500 shoes don't do dishonest, underhanded and illegal things.

On the other hand, people in $1,000 suits and $500 shoes do tend to make big campaign donations to the Republican Party and its politicians.

Ranch Chimp said...

Damn straight posting Mr.Demeur! As far as an age limit or whatever .... that alway's pissed me off ....Why? ...Because if the average Joe/ Jane tried to get a basic government job in their 70's we would be tossed out in some non discriminating politically correct fashion, these mother fucker's get a f'n career and till death do us part shit when they get hired (which corporation's want), whether their incompetent or not, which most employee's would get a f'n pink slip!

"Short's" ( I wasnt familiar with the name believe it or not, despite knowing the f'n game ). I recently posted something on the housing market and strategic default's .... and how that mess was done similar as far as bet's, which is one of the biggest problem's, and reason for these sudden jump's over the least little thing in the market's, this cesspool is so f'n deep. I had no idea that Germany was trying to solve this crap .... they are a step ahead of us on some thing's actually.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also .... when I talk about doing shit like this, or any regulation .... I'm called a f'n socialist or communist ... so I took a new title recently .... sure I still go by the name "Ranch Chimp" ... but aka "Commie Tommy" now.