Monday, May 10, 2010

I see where this is going

Today BP met with several of the state attorneys generals of southern states affected by the oil spill. Assurances were given by the company that they would pay any damages over the $75 million that was originally announced and paperwork to that effect was signed.

NOT SO FAST SAYS I! What does BP do while all this is going on? They go shopping for a sympathetic judge to hear the case. Where do they pick? If you guessed Huston, Texas home of big oil give yourself a lone star. Now their plan is to make all suits against them a class action suit and you know what that means. They'll settle for pennies on the dollar and I'd say the fishermen down there will be lucky to get a couple of hundred dollars each for being put out of work and loosing their incomes.

And what heading do I spy while perusing articles on the spill?
BP Wants Gulf Oil-Spill Lawsuits Combined in Houston

One last thing before I turn this drum upright and scoop the goop back inside.

People (journalists and other writers) keep using the term decimate to mean the total destruction of a (fill in the blank). The actual correct word is annihilate. Get it right dummies. Decimate means to reduce by 10% or one tenth.


The Blog Fodder said...

You called it. Also thanks for the decimate correction. Do you suppose anyone will read it? Pay any attention?

Tim said...

Yeah and what happens when BP says.. No we had enough... There will be some sort of cap and I'm sure BP has it in mind already. When, not if, BP files for protection, what then..
And now they want to fix it with Golf balls? Maybe Tiger Woods will be the new hero..
I've heard that BP executives are not shy about asking for ideas on how to stop this stream of death. What!!! No plan!!!.... Brilliant!!

Roger Owen Green said...

There should be a cap on BP's payout as effective as the cap BP put on the spill. Which is to say - STICK IT to them.