Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well what do you know?

BP must have been reading my blog. They're going to use hydraulic shear to cut the riser pipe. But hey guys don't bother to cut the thing off, just crimp it shut like you should have done before you did the top kill and the junk shot. Christ I'm not even in the oil business and I could figure that out. I think they're still trying to save this well from being abandoned but I know I wouldn't certify it.
Shear stupidity

All I can say is I guess they don't teach critical thinking in school anymore. Only thing they teach is how to rip off customers at everybody's safety and expense.

Keep your drums upright I'll be back later.


Tim said...

BP shills are already setting the stage for July or August as the finale solution. That should about do it for the Gulf. Surf may be up but it's poison...

an average patriot said...

Their concern is not the environment but capturing the oil!

We have heard the deluge in more like 798,000 gallons a day, I have firmly believed from thee beginning that 1 million gallons per day is optimistic. They expect this to be under control some time in August. That is ap. 130 days times one million. 130 million gallons of oil people. It is not the worst in history but look where it is. It's impact will be the worst!

130 million gallons of oil not to mention 3 million pounds of poisonous junk and millions of gallons of highly toxic dispersion chemicals designed to hide the oil under the sea until later. There is one monstrous plume 28 miles long and 300 feet deep off the coast of Florida. You can better there are many more and where?

Tim said...

I hear BP has a new name their calling this not top hat
no not top kill
no not even junk spunk
The new name is Earth Kill..on this one they'll probably succeed.

BBC said...

Looks to me like they just bought seven more days time after stating that it would take them that long to perform their next failed attempt being as these monkeys will wait for them to do that.

They're going to use hydraulic shear to cut the riser pipe.

Maybe that will work and maybe it won't.

Greed for oil really fucked up this time, Tim is right, Earth Kill is a good bet.

I'm not taking any bets that it will be stopped in or by August either.

Would a god care? Na, I'm pretty sure a god would be tired of these monkeys fucking around on this planet and see it as a way to get rid of them. If there was a god that is.

Liberality said...

The only critical thinking skills they have concern those that involve money. BP doesn't give a flying fig about anything else apparently .

BBC said...

BP doesn't give a flying fig about anything else apparently .

Least of all their kids futures.

BBC said...

Spotted in Yahoo comments...