Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arnold has a plan to slash the state budget

But if you're poor elderly or disabled watch out. Who needs death panels now when we have the terminator. California is faced with a multi billion dollar budget deficit. Schwarzenegger refuses to raise taxes to cover the shortfalls. Instead he'll just lay the burden on those that can't fight back. What a girly man you are Arnold. If he has his way there'll be no home healthcare for the elderly. Funding for daycare for the working poor gone and the entire welfare to work program would be eliminated. Nothing like beating up your grandmother eh Arnold. Why not tell her to pull herself up by her own bootstraps?

Why is California facing this crisis? It goes back to when Raygoon was the governor. He got it into his greasy head that all taxes are bad, the government shouldn't help anybody except corporations who don't need it and basically an attitude of I've got mine the hell with you. And even now is as typical for a republican he wants to shift costs from the state to the cities. That's a tactic that Bush did with much of the federal budget dumping it on the states with unfunded mandates. Sorry guys there's too much information to fact check what you're doing. Everytime you put a bill or proposal out there we can see what you're doing and you can't turn around and lie about it because it's there in black and white for all to read. So go beat up your own grandmother if you want but leave the poor,elderly and disabled alone ya bully.


Holte Ender said...

What has got to happen and how far does society have sink, before these dipsos realize that taxes and government is the price you pay for civilization.

The Blog Fodder said...

Holte Ender wrote my comment for me. What is the big problem with Americans and taxes? Borrowing money is a transfer of wealth from poor to rich.

If they scrapped Agricultural subsidies which mainly go to the rich, not poor farmers, they could fund a great many social services AND benefit the poor farmers of teh world at the same time.

BBC said...

I didn't mind the taxes I paid through my life, but I damn sure didn't like some of the things they did with the money. I don't mind helping others some but I get tired of the dead beats that take advantage of the system.

The best thing you can do is learn how to take care of yourself, there is always a way to get by if you work at it a bit. You may not have a lot, but you'll get by.

Demeur said...

I've got some news for ya Billy the image of the welfare queer was made up by republicans. The average person is on welfare for about 18 months. But the way the system works those trying to get off it are penalized for every positive step they take. The welfare to work program was the biggest help in keeping people from slipping back and now it's being cut.
Oh and don't forget he's about to open the mental hospitals and let the remaining patients hit the streets. So if you think there's monkey out there now you ain't seen nothin yet. Just hope they don't do that in this state.

Tom Harper said...

California's only hope is that pot legalization initiative that's on the ballot this Fall. Billions of tax dollars, and billions not being spent on arresting and jailing people for pot.

Of course if it passes, the federal government will overturn it, and you won't hear a peep out of those "States' Rights!" "Limited Government!" conservatives.

BBC said...

The average person is on welfare for about 18 months.

You read that somewhere so you really believe it? You need more time out in the field.

Steven said...

"I don't mind helping others some but I get tired of the dead beats that take advantage of the system."

I presume you meant the Republicans that take advantage of the fact that under current state law, they can block any legislation they don't like...even though they are a minority party. You're right, they are deadbeats for sure!

And that 18% number happens to be correct...perhaps you have some evidence that proves it wrong?

I realize that the 18% number in question will change very soon as more and more elders/disabled are forced onto the welfare roles as well as those who were in the welfare to work program, now being axed.

Taxation is not evil, despite what that fool, Reagan, is hard evidence that we are civilized. Apparently Republicans are not. Civilized.

Ranch Chimp said...

Being a former resident of the City of Los Angeles (still have quite a bit of familia there as well) I can see clearly many reason's California is facing the economic crisis it is, it is really deep though, and I cant pin it to one group or politician. However, back a couple year's ago I was posting about this, and was hoping that the Fed Gvmnt would just give the state $20 billion (they were $20 billion in the red then, a figure we all knew would progress fast, if nothing is done) dollar's, some bitched we couldnt afford it, etc, etc, etc. NO ... we could easily afford it actually, we gave multi times that amount to investment banker's and insurer's like AIG, who in turn cut off the US population, and used million's upon million's for advertising and tele commercial's to sell product's/ service's only or put their f'n name's and logo's on ballpark stadium's around the nation. Giving an amount like $20 billion to California was essential, and frankly a positive investment for America as a whole. Why? .... because the state is so very important to our nation as well, in industries, and huge in agriculture as well, THEN .... they could work on modifying new budget spending, which they cant do "broke" without cutting damn near everything of importance to keep it thriving. I'll shut the fuck up now.

Justin Glass said...

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