Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday mixed nuts

North Korea shakes it's fist at South Korea after sinking one of it's war ships. Isn't that like the bully threatening to hit you again after he just punched you in the stomach? I'm not too concerned about North Korea because they went to China a couple of weeks ago and asked China for financial help but were turned down. So Kim Jong huffed off back to North Korea in a snit. Sorry Kim China helped you in the past, you wouldn't take their advice but you had no problem taking their money.

The oil just keeps gushing in the Gulf as the worlds largest spill continues. BP keeps fiddle farting around. Hey guys you've had a month to come up with a solution. I could think of a dozen ways by now. My guess would be that they're trying to figure out a way to save this well without further damage to their bottom line. If you want to keep up on the latest with live video pop over to fellow blogger's place Monkeyfister I'm sure he's shaking his monkey fist at them.

You'll note that the unemployment numbers went down last week. The reason? Not that there was any great increase in hiring. It's that people's unemployment ran out. When that happens you're no longer counted as being unemployed. You are now a non person. I remember seeing photos of the bread lines of the last Great Depression and noticing that a lot of the guys in three piece suits and was told that many were from Wall Street. Well it looks like they figured out a way to cover their own asses this time around now doesn't it? Oh terror of terrors we had to give up the vacation house on Cape Cod and switch to domestic wines.


dana said...

I can't get any more pissed off over the oil "spill" (gusher) than I already am. If WE had that much oil, how come we were crawling to foreign countries in the genuflecting position?

BBC said...

Well, my boat stays on an even keel and I can't do a frigging thing about all the other things going on.

I just watch the big picture and take care of my life accordingly and it's still good here.

Demeur said...

Simple we didn't have the technology to even try to do a deep water drill until recently. The other issue is that the oil markets are global. And I know this will really piss you off. Most of the oil we drill here is sold overseas to the highest bidder. That's the way it works. Plus why use you own resources when you can use up some other guys'? Think about it.
I hear that they just found a massive oil field in Montana that won't be drilled until the price is right. There's tankers filled with crude just sitting there waiting for the right price.
But how did we get to where we are now? We had two oilmen in the White House for eight years. That's how.

BBC said...

Get the fuck over it and be thankful it isn't in your backyard.

BBC said...

I'm reminded of something I heard years ago. The last one with oil is the winner. I don't know how much the policy has changed but the U.S used to horde it's oil and choose to buy it from other countries so that we can be the last ones with oil.

That sort of makes sense.

I've decided that we should encourage everyone to move to Florida, nice beaches there, for now, and I damn sure don't want more monkeys moving here and screwing up this pristine area.