Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life just gets weirder or the logic of Rand Palin

"What I don't like from the president's administration is this sort of, 'I'll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,'" he said in an interview Friday with ABC's "Good Morning America." "I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business."
Paul isn't the first politician to criticize the government's handling of the oil spill, but few have dared defend BP in the aftermath of last months' explosion at the offshore rig that killed 11 workers and spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
So by his logic your kids can play with lead toys and asbestos and he's fine with that. Wouldn't want to stifle Chinese business now would we? I suggest you don't have any eye surgery from this guy as should he make a mistake then you're on your own. Cause you know accidents happen according to him.

In another statement Paul said:
he abhors racial discrimination, but suggested the federal government shouldn't have the power to force restaurants to serve minorities if the business owners don't want to. Does this mean we can refuse service to republicans too? Dusting off your "Whites only signs" are we Rand?

A big hat tip to the notorious Watertiger for her wonderful photoshop skills. See I even gave ya a plug.


BBC said...

Hum, I should open a restaurant, on an Indian reservation. But I would serve white monkeys, money is money and they are so stupid with it.

BBC said...

The ecology of the gulf area was being trashed long before the oil spill, it's just icing on the cake, so to speak.

Who has trashed the gulf area? Ah, now I remember.

White trash, carry on then.

Tim said...

Well as I've said before Randy is the gift that keeps on giving. Keep talking Rand Paul, the Dems love ya for it.
As for the Republicans, If you listen closely you can almost hear the sound of their collective sphincters tightening up as he learns us all.

Liberality said...

What republicans privately think, Rand comes right on out and says so he is good for us because we can deal with these stupid arguments head on and maybe those fickle "independent" voters will get a freaking clue.

BBC said...

Raise your hand if you want to screw Sarah Palin, I know that many men in this country would like to, after they gag her.

BBC said...

Breaking News>>>>>>>>>>>>>> President Obama has formed another blue ribbon committee to investigate how to wipe his butt correctly to prevent further skid marks in the future.

BBC said...

I hope that this mess doesn't disrupt the supply of beer, I need my little Prozac fix daily after looking at the news.

S.W. Anderson said...

Rand Paul and Virginia's new governor and attorney general serve to remind us what an endless supply of extreme right-wing hard cases this country has.

One problem, as we saw with George W. Bush, is that the more we point out and go on about his backward dipstickery, the more hard core right wingers and resenters will consider him their hero.

Not that we should keep quiet about it, but there is that perverse twist to our society and politics.

BBC said...

S.W. Anderson, I'm reminded everyday that I'm surrounded by fucking idiots. What is scary about that is the fact that I may be one of them.

Even more scary than that is that I think I should be their leader. :-)

AMIT said...

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