Friday, May 7, 2010

Beaver Friday just in time

Back and what would Friday be without that fuzzy animal and with an offspring because, you know, Sunday and all.

The class went okay. Passed and have yet another card to add to the deck. Krieky, pretty soon I'll be able to play pinochle.

As for the oil spill I'm sure there enough out of work folk down there to deal with the clean up. It really doesn't take much training to do that type of spill. When Katrina hit and there was the mess to clean up contractors were brought in who hired Mexicans (don't know whether they were legal or not) to do the work. A couple of our guys went down there and did about two weeks work for one of the oil companies but their pay scale down there just barely covers expenses. I've already tried doing the out of town work but with expenses at home it's not worth it.

Heard about the time square bomber. Is it my imagination or are they making dumber criminals? The guy left a paper trail a mile long, spaced it out and locked his keys in the SUV and bought fireworks in a store with cameras. Maybe he needed a remedial Al Qaeda course.

And now on to the bank failures for the week. We have four more in Ca.,Mn.,Fl., and Az.


BBC said...

You can't stay on unemployment forever and then you will have to take whatever you can find.

"I have diplomas, would you like fries with that?"

My bank, Wells Fargo, was managed to bullshit it's way through this so far. But what is with the eight percent mortgage loan rate?

And all the other bullshit they demand of you when you buy property. After talking to them last week there is no way I'll let them play god over me even though I found some acreage I would like to have.

Demeur said...

Almost think we'll be going back to land contracts like they used to do in the 70s and 80s because nobody could afford to put up with the BS.

Randal Graves said...

Cards and diplomas, not worth much more than the proverbial paper. I've seen suckers with master's degrees hauling around Pizza Hut.

Can't we dig up Reagan and use his hair to soak up all that oil? Worked with Brylcreem.

BBC said...


Half a tube will do ya.
Use more only if you dare.

Tim said...

Glad your back! Just so you know there's a lot of money going into OSHA because for over 8 years they were cut to the bone with Bush /Cheney. I know around here their hiring. I can't pass the physical.
Something also in demand is train the trainer.
Randal, your a sick mutant puppy, and we love it...

an average patriot said...

With the mess in Nashville and the oil spill etc you must be able to get something erstwhile.

You know, I am not convinced that was ever intended to work. Now they know when they are ready to go after us like they do elsewhere they can. No warning, no smoke just a detonation.

BBC said...

With the mess in Nashville and the oil spill etc you must be able to get something erstwhile.

Yeah, if his lazy ass was willing to go where the work is instead of just wanting to work in the Seattle area.

BBC said...

Maybe I should have said spoiled ass?