Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP nickname contest

Here are but a few nicknames I found on the innertubes:
British Polluters
Bad People
Big Prick
Bill Payers

Care to add your own in the comments? I'll bring them up front later.
Tim and family suggested Blood Pressure and Butt Puckers
Randal's picks (Randal you're weird)
Bandersnatch Prophylactic
Bigamous Proboscis
Burly Portfolio
Brontosaurus Putz
Bronchial Phlegm

In looking for an answer to yesterdays question: What are the pressure limit requirements of the rig casing? I find after much searching that there are none! You heard it here. There are no industry standards as to the strength of the pipe used in oil well drilling. And that was yet another factor in the Deepwater disaster (crime). Come to find out that they used a cheaper pipe that they knew would have problems but did it anyway. Hummm you'd think then the end of this pipe would be fairly easy to crimp off using a robotic jaws of life.

As of 2:30 am they gave up on the junk shot and top kill as it didn't work. That means that they will go to the next option of cutting off the top of the old BOP and installing a new one. They are going to borrow one from one of the two rigs they're using to drill relief wells. Call me stupid but wasn't this declared a national emergency? And in such cases all companies are expected to help out. I know I've done emergency jobs with multiple contractors and you always help wherever you can. If somebody needs a part or a tool you let them have it or make arrangements if it's something expensive.

Last thing, forget the boycotts. The gas stations are independent of the company so all you're doing is hurting local businessmen and besides BP will just sell their gas to another company or country.
Oops one last last thing the weather here is the coldest in the nation. Even Alaska is warmer. And it's raining.


Tim said...

I love games;)
Melissa (wife) says Blood Pressure
Mine is Butt puckers

Now you know I have to look for an answer to your question..You bastard..
I obsess over things like that.

We are so screwed in the Gulf..Just wait until Hurricanes hit.
Have a great weekend my friend.

Tim said...
Just a little diddy..
So far from what I've gathered Halaburton made the casing and a inferior one was used in this process.
Greedy bastards.. You can read it yourself. I'll keep looking..

Randal Graves said...

Bandersnatch Prophylactic
Bigamous Proboscis
Burly Portfolio
Brontosaurus Putz
Bronchial Phlegm

Tim said...

If you get a chance check out BP talking head (Suttles) about giving respirators to crew getting sick.
Just hand them out...Oh brother...

BBC said...

I don't think that anyone really thought the junk shot/top kill would work but they borrowed some time fucking around with it.

I'm not sure they have (they may, but I don't know that they do) any hydraulic jaws that are powerful enough to use down there and it's not like you can bring it to the surface to do it and then send it back down.

Anyway, has your radar picked up on the fact that there may be a bigger worry down there?

Methane gas explosions have at times caused area wide mass extinctions and there is a lot of it down there waiting to escape.

If the right conditions play out the whole gulf area could blow up. If that happens I'm sure we'll know about it without getting it from the news, we'll feel it here.

Someone said that BP stood for Barack Petroleum.

BBC said...

But I suppose that everyone will be told there is no chance of such an event happening, like they were told that drilling at 5000 feet was safe. I don't know what the odds are but there are odds of it happening and some things I just don't gamble on.

If I lived anywhere near the gulf coast I would be getting far away from it for a while.

Demeur said...

Thanks Tim I'll do that.

Graves you esoteric swine can't you think of any names people understand.

Billy actually I've used such a piece of equipment on high pressure steam pipe and it was pretty thick so don't tell me they don't have it. That was over 15 years ago too. And remember you don't have to cut it just crimp it.

BBC said...

Billy actually I've used such a piece of equipment on high pressure steam pipe and it was pretty thick so don't tell me they don't have it.

Read my comment again, slowly and carefully. I know they make them, but do they have one on a mini sub that can operate in 5000 feet of water?

Demeur said...

I'm sure they do Billy. They have circular saws that work at that depth and since they work on hydraulics like the robot arms it shouldn't be that hard.

S.W. Anderson said...

Here's my modest entry: Bad Practices

You say it's cold on your side of the state? You're in the tropics compared to the East Side. Last weekend a bunch of people lost their tomato plants to frost.

This weekend robins are looking for places to store their catch of quick-frozen worms.

And I've got two-story goosebumps.

Tom Harper said...

I can't think of any BP nicknames right now, and whichever ones I could think of probably wouldn't be suitable for a family blog such as this one.

And as a fellow Washingtonian, all I can say is "WTF???" about the weather. 50 degrees, windy and raining on Memorial Day. Jeez.

BBC said...

50 degrees, windy and raining on Memorial Day. Jeez.

What in the hell does he expect from Memorial day here?

BBC said...

As for the failed attempt to plug the oil gusher, don't expect any help from any god many of you believe is out there.

She's busy manicuring her fingernails.

I wonder why they keep calling it a spill, it didn't leak from a tanker, it's a fucking man made gusher with no end to it in the near future.


BBC said...

I see conflicting stories in the news. One said they were going to cut the riser and weld a new valve on top of the failed one.

Another said that they will cut it and place a funnel type device on it, allowing them to keep piping the oil up, if it even works.

That sounds like greedy money saving bullshit to me, I would insist on getting a valve on it first.

Roger Owen Green said...

I don't know if I should go with Brain Paralyzed or Brain Perished

Anonymous said...

how about " better pray"
death to the new world order fascists!

Serey Kim said...

how about BP = BROKEN PIPE

Anonymous said...

BP = Bugger Peasants

It's what they do to "small people"

Jerry said...

Some sort of a pipeline rehabilitation thing! It always has to be new and working. I love the idea!