Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sometimes the stories just write themselves.

Indian mystic claims not to eat or drink anything for 70 Years. If he's older than 70 then we know what he's full of.

'Zombie satellite' threatens other craft. I'll leave that one to the Randal of Graves. Sounds like it's right up his alley.

Michelle Obama has recomendations on childhood obesity. I've got a solution. Send all the obese kids over to Africa and bring their starving kids here for a while. Problem solved!

Earth near the tipping point. And it looks like we're giving her a big shove if you ask me.

Lastly there's the British elections, a comedian's dream. Why you might ask? Because the guy who may land up at 10 Downing Street is named Ed Balls. I leave you to write your own jokes on that one. There's just too many.

Later and keep your drums upright.


Randal Graves said...

Hey, if the world's going to hell in one of those swanky handbaskets, at least it'll be in the form of a zombie apocalypse. Those are always fun.

Tom Harper said...

I like your switcheroo plan. McDonalds and Burger King getting swarmed by millions of starving Africans, and millions of obese Americans going to a refugee camp in Africa and living on a half cup of maize every other day.

Demeur said...

Randal thought I'd leave the zombies to you.

Tom as I see it it's a win win win situation. Micky Ds and Burger King get a ton of new customers, our obese kids get thin, and the Africans get to beef up. Of course we'd have to have Mexicans as servers. And we could probably pay off the national debt in the process. Hey that's a quad win! I'm a whiz.. no?

BBC said...

British elections


Harper seems concerned about the economy here, I'm not, it would make me happy as hell if things here get worse and a lot of these monkeys leave town.

I'll keep getting along just fine, that's what I do, just keep on keeping on.

The PA business plan is bullshit, they want to roll up the red carpet in the evening and then whine because Victoria is doing okay.

Oh never mind, I'm tired of trying to explain things to idiots. But folks don't just go to Victoria for the daytime sightseeing, but the night life also.

Back in the 70's this town rocked at night. Of course it had the industry to allow that. Lose your industry and you have to figure out other ways to that, Victoria did, PA didn't.