Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amuse and confuse

I haven't read 'the Art of War' but I do know a couple of concepts from the book. And judging by what's going on politically these days somebody's using similar tactics to try and win back congress. We know that the powers behind the scenes are sure looking for ways to get their puppets back on stage. I sometimes wonder what the plan is should plan A fail. They sure have main stream media well controlled. Every day I'm hearing of a poll that keeps telling me the democrats are behind. If there's a lack of interest from our side I believe it has more to do with the fact that we can not afford to turn out for rallies. There's a lot of us out of work and would rather spend it on necessities than trucking off to a rah rah session just to make somebody feel good. I'm sure once all is tallied up the costs of this dog and pony show will be near $1 billion maybe more. Imagine what could be done with even half that much money.

But back to the Art of War. I may be wrong but I think the first tactic was to confuse the enemy. Send out a diversion or smoke screen. Then there's the misinformation. Seems the other side has been doing that even before they lost power. There was the WMDs that Saddam never had. Watch out there'll be a terrorist under your bed if you don't do everything I say. But now we come to an even bigger part of the theater of the absurd. It's called let's take the constitution and twist it to fit our needs. After all they no longer teach civics in school and most people are to lazy these days to look it up. I'm sure the clowns are still looking for a reference to Jesus in there. Wasn't there an amendment making him the commander in chief? And now we get the new Alaska clown with his goon squads. Seems he skipped the first amendment part about free press.

This is all just the diversion part of the plan. There's diversion, misinformation, and for them the best part pissing off your adversary. What easier way to irritate someone with an intellect than throwing ignorance at them? And this has a double effect. Not only is it irritating to someone with a brain but the uneducated masses will eat it up. They will believe a lie much easier when it's thrown at them by some hot babe or handsome hunk as long as he/she can speak in simple talk with diagrams on a chalk board. Like the sheeple they are they'll parrot what they've heard without once fact checking and repeat it to their neighboring sheeple. This is how we got our death panels of last summer.

So the powers have the clowns working hard. The misinformation is being pumped out (by their ads you'd think the democrats were responsible for the Holocaust). They've blamed all of the Bush failings on the democrats from the massive debt he racked up to the unemployment situation. What's next? What have those well to do billionaires behind the scenes been planning next? I'm sure they have a back up plan when most of their clowns don't make it into office. Was this just some ploy to move to a super majority for the democrats so that they could have complete control of congress. We know they'll play both sides of the aisle if they can gain control. I can see it now. I see them chuckling to their republican buddies. Watch this as I make my newly conquered democrat clowns dance to my music.

Call me paranoid call me a fool but we've seen weirder things in the past few years and this is after all a fight for power. Now bring in the clowns we need some more laughs.


Tom Harper said...

"I'm sure once all is tallied up the costs of this dog and pony show will be near $1 billion maybe more. Imagine what could be done with even half that much money."

Good point. I assume there's a direct connection between the gazillions of dollars being spent on TV attack ads and the fact that donations to charity are way way down this year.

Four Dinners said...

'donations to charity are way way down this year'

'The Neil Appeal' will accept American Express and all charge cards.

Please send your donations to 'fourdinners@aol.com'

I guarentee all donations will be gratefully received and be religiously passed over the bar of The Three Crowns public house in order to support Four Dinners in his charitable endeavour to remain resolutely pissed.

Four Dinners said...

Hey!!!! I must be a worry....I'm now banned from even commenting on MMA!!!!

I'm impressed!!! Even by my standards I'm impressed!!!!

S.W. Anderson said...

The political right is big on fearmongering, diversion, anything and everything they think will help them win.

You're right about a lot of the MSM. I think some of it is corporate policy, some of it due to individual reporter, producer and booker preferences (or knowing which side of the bread their butter is on). But some of it is no doubt due to laziness. Ripping and reading poll results is not hard work.

The thing about it is, the more people not on the right hear that this is going to be a blowout, with Republicans and tea party loons winning all over the place, the more likely it is Dems and Dem-leaning indpendents will figure there's no sense going to the trouble to vote because it won't do any good anyway.

The more I follow politics, the more I think pre-election polling is bad for democracy. That's especially so because polls are the way gas stations used to be, with one one every corner. , ,

"According to the Fishwich Poll — a survey of 500 MacDonald's customers who order fish sandwiches at 12 locations across the country — tea party candidate Aileen Dufus Toona is sure to beat six-term Democratic Congressman Ben Goode by 8 percent of the vote . . ."

BBC said...

Wars aren't killing these clowns fast enough, the planet is still being over populated. Hell, bad water kills more monkeys every month than wars do.

We need to find faster and more effective ways to kill monkeys, hopefully in entertaining ways.

BBC said...

Change is coming, you're not going to like it.

The Blog Fodder said...

You can find a good translation of The Art of War on line. It is not long. In bookstores it is usually in the business section.

Ranch Chimp said...

Another excellent posting ... of course I totally agree ... I am sure you know where I stand on this BS ... you have commented on a few of my post's concerning this ... we are very similar in our vision's of this freak show.