Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ghoulish kitty break

Stepping away from politics for a moment a humorous kitty interlude. It is after all the start of the fall witching season when zombies rise the air chills and Christmas decorations will soon adorn the malls. Mall? Mall? What's a mall haven't been in one for more than a year?

Okay I lied after I found this related ghoulish image. But it fits the season don't you think?

Was out yesterday fixing a women's leaky roof. Sad situation. She's basically bankrupt after having an accident. The only reason she'll be able to stay in here home is because the court system is so backed up it may take a few years to get to her case. What a job. She had two "professional" roofers out and they said the fixed the problem. I looked at it and found about 10 things they did wrong. Sad that people get ripped off that way. Not that I'm a roofer but I've torn off so many I know when a job was done wrong. Did what I could. It's hard to really do a good job when others have messed things up so bad. She couldn't afford to replace the roof which at this point needs done. Will check back after it rains to see if it worked okay.


The Blog Fodder said...

I want a ghoul just like the ghoul that married dear old dad.

an average patriot said...

That stinks! It really bothers me that instead of seeing someone down and helping them, those that can take advantage of them and screw them. That sickens me but it happens more than not.

BBC said...

Roof leaks can be hard to nail down, the water can travel ten or more feet from where it enters to where it shows up in the house.

The best part on my roof is on the backside where I glued down cloth and painted it, I don't expect any problem with it for as long as I'm here.

PoliShifter said...

Banks are putting foreclosures on hold now that it's being found out they have violated the law. Many don't have the mortgages or are not even the owner. Bank of America admitted to not even reviewing the loan docs before signing off on foreclosures.

There is a RICO lawsuit brewing in Florida where lawyers were colluding with Banks to get home owners into foreclosure. Lawyers would purposely NOT tell the homeowners of their court date so the bank could foreclose on them when they did not show up for court.

I am hoping all this will lead to a Nation Wide moratorium on foreclosures.

Fucking thieves stole our tax dollars and now they are stealing are houses. Why aren't the baggers upset about this?

BBC said...

Why aren't the baggers upset about this?

The ones that may lose their homes must be.