Thursday, October 28, 2010

Continuing with my snarky trend...mummies

What Sara Palin or Christine O'Donnell will look like in a few years. At present they are in their zombie state controlled by their handlers at the RNC. They'd like you to believe that they are autonomous but that would not be the case. Mere shills for corporate America they feast on dollars hand fed like tanna leaves. Roaming the land looking for new converts from the uneducated and fearful they fool their prey into dressing in three corner hats and instill a nirvana of life just after 1776 that was in actuality a harder life than anything we could imagine today. Little do people remember that just getting water in that day and age involved humping two 40 lb. containers sometimes up hill. In short the era they wish to relive was no picnic. Yes we could go back to an era closely aligned to camping but they fail to realize that this would be no one week gig. No going back to the four bedroom with cable or dish in every room.
Someone once called them the "something for nothing crowd". How appropriate. They think that we can somehow magically educate our masses without an educational system for all. Not that it's doing well at present but it is a base for what we have. We have seen the bar lowered to a point where workers are unable to function at a basic level. And the result of our dumbed down system are the politicians like Palin and O'Donnell we see today and yet they'd want nothing more than the same or worse. If they don't want an education system or a safety net for grandma or health care for all then I just have to ask what they'd be willing to pay for. A nation doesn't function very well with a "I've got mine the hell with you" attitude. We've seen that in South America and several other places around the world. Would they really like living in a gated community with armed guard hoping their kids don't get kidnapped?
And what they fail to realize is that when they were growing up daddy had his medical coverage paid for by his company that covered the whole family. And there were no deductibles back then.
All the school field trips were paid for because our taxes paid for them just bring a brown bag lunch. So the time they long for was actually paid for by taxes yet they seemed to have forgotten that little fact.
They'll continue their mantra as long as the tanna cash keeps coming but once the luster wanes and people realize that sister Sara and Crissy have sold a fake dream they'll land up like a forgotten reality show roaming mummy of last season. They did their dance and it may have been an amusing distraction for about five minutes but now it's time to get down to the real business of the nation.


an average patriot said...

That ditz said she is prepared to be President if no one better stands up. That will get Obama reelected.

BBC said...

So we won't want to screw Palin in a few years, no big deal as long as we can screw her now.

Someone must be doing okay, in McDonald's I saw two young women with five fucking kids and one is already PG again.

The new super Walmart store opened yesterday and the parking lot is full.

Talked to Gina for a while yesterday, she hooked up with a geoduck harvester a few years ago and they're doing great. The chinks in China are paying about 125 bucks a pound for them, fucking geoducks.

They just bought a new home. I don't see any fewer Hummers around here.

BBC said...

Figure out what kind of different food items you can sell to China and you'll do okay.

They like weird shit, know where there are a lot of muskrats?

BBC said...

On the other hand your rainbow end may be at a rent a shitter, but with luck you can get free broadband with a laptop there, hahahaha

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm quite sure that photo is actually Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer after a few weeks without a bleach job.

"A nation doesn't function very well with a "I've got mine the hell with you" attitude."

True, but as long as they've got theirs, they don't care. As for having to live in a gated community with bodyguards, it's the same as when they were backing Bush and Cheney's every selfish, stupidly wrong move. Their attitude is, "No problem, what could go wrong?"

Bustednuckles said...

Ya know,, talk about our educational system.
My girl friends kid cam home from school and said his grade hade been down graded one whole fucking grade point.
get this, for not having a book cover on his mother fucking class book.
Not, negotiable.

Another authoritarian mother fucker would not accept a class paper, becuse he couldn't get it out of his forty pound fucking back pack quick enough, seriously.

The kid is twelve.
I have half a mind to go over there and tear a few new assholes.
What the FUCK are you teaching this kid?
Personal responsibility is the parents concern.
Teach the fucking kid how to read and write.

A good look at this behavior and we can see why complete fucking idiots like Christine O'Donell and Sarah Fucking Palin came to be about.

Ranch Chimp said...

Remarkable how much atencion these new pop culture icon's have recieved (Palin, O'Donnell) ... I done a posting on O'Donnell myself a week or so ago ... left it up a few day's then deleted it. Great looking gal's though ... they smile alot of course ... and probably some fella's may be thinking they can flip them and dick them faster than the gal's can roll them and blow them!

Randal Graves said...

A little fire'll show 'em who's boss.