Monday, October 25, 2010

The new republican party

Watching Nosferatu last night I had thought the movie had been lost for good. Many of the old time flicks we enjoyed as kids are now gone because prior to the late 1950s films were produced on a highly flammable celluloid material. The colors would fade and the film stock would disintegrate unless kept under ideal conditions. Many projection booths were lined with asbestos and each theater had to have other fire safety measures in place as well. Even the wiring in most theaters had asbestos insulation.
But in watching the old creepy vampire last night I see where they got all the ideas for the movie Dracula. And who doesn't think of that movie without thinking of Bela Lugosi. Bela was quite an actor but the reason he was perfect for the part was that he had played it on stage for many years before making the movie. You really should go read his bio written by his son. Quite an interesting fellow.

The republicans being the mouthpieces for corporate America like Renfro are only helping to suck the life blood from us all. Their tax cuts will be nothing more than slashes on our throats with the spoils going to the well off vampires. Renfro may get the flies and spiders but his master gets to suck the victim dry. We see that now with empty bank accounts and homes that once was the middle class. And it does make me wonder just when the villagers will rise up and drive a stake through the heart of the old blood sucker and put an end to this horror show.


MRMacrum said...

Well, somone's gotta fed the vampires. I just wish they fed on their own kind.

BBC said...

I don't watch movies like that but speaking of vampires.

Patty Murray or Dino Rossi, what great choices we have this time. But I have a wonderful theory.

We should fill all our government offices with women, they won't be able to fix this mess that is failing but but at least in the end we can blame them.

Just as they will blame men when it fails. Interesting stuff, send tourists, I need something to shoot at.

Demeur said...

Often they do Mike. How soon you forgot Madoff.

Billy what about all those geese flying over? Didn't you want a nice goose dinner for Christmas?
You don't want all women in government then we would be broke. You know how that works.

S.W. Anderson said...

Good post and an apt analogy. I think it's whay Olbermann titled his latest book, Pitchforks and Torches: The Worst of the Worst, from Beck, Bill, and Bush to Palin and Other Posturing Republicans.

BBC, maybe on your side of the mountains Murray doesn't seem much of a choice. In my part of the state, she qualifies as a flaming liberal. Be glad for the choice, because it's bad enough there's a Darrell Issa in the House. We don't need his clone in the Senate.

Randal Graves said...

Max Schreck for pretzeldent.