Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The monster after the election

Republicans have said what they'll do after the elections if they win...Nothing! They would pass no legislation and shut down our government. Think about that for a minute folks. It would mean no social security checks sent out, no unemployment and no medicare or medicaid payments. You want to talk about a depression that would surely do it. They've basically done nothing the last year and a half except block legislation and call everybody else names. Nice work if you can get it. Get paid for sitting on your butt heckling any ideas. Submit a four page budget that's nothing more than more tax cuts for the wealthy. If we needed a professional heckler I'm sure we could get Don Rickles much cheaper. So like our friend in the photo we'll have walking trees with a smart ass attitude. Imagine hiring a contractor like that who did no work and told you you didn't know what you were talking about when you told him the problem and suggested some solutions? You'd put the Trump moves on him faster than stink on ....
Why do they hate America? Is the lust for money and power that great? Were they so crushed when we voted them out because they didn't stand for American values of fairness and opportunity? Sorry guys none of us are for preemptive wars no matter what you think. You take fringe issues and try to turn us against ourselves. You've used the fear card so often it has no meaning or punch anymore.
Sorry guys but this is one tree I'm not going to hug.

In other news I've noticed that many of the bloggers in my side bar seemed to have fallen off the earth. It may be that they are ill or have other pressing family matters. For that I wish them the best. It seems odd though that so many would just fall off the radar in just the last week. Again I wish them well. Drop us a line when you get the chance.


Randal Graves said...

Let the sucker collapse and then we can start on Miserable Failure 2.0.

Tom Harper said...

Being in Congress is definitely "nice work if you can get it." But those jobs probably won't last much longer. Our "representatives" are basically just stenographers, taking dictation from their corporate donors. These donors will soon figure out that they don't need 535 secretaries any more, and those jobs will be eliminated.

BBC said...

Republicans have said what they'll do after the elections if they win...Nothing!

Get a grip, them doing noting would not shut down the government. But it may slow it down from doing stupid things for a while.

I've often said that what we need is a fucking break from things so doing nothing for a few years may be a good thing.

But being Repukes they are lying anyway, just like Democrats do for your votes.

BBC said...

Send me money for bombs so I can take over this area and I'll fix some of these problems.

I'll start by sending fucking transplanted Californians back to their home state that they fucked up and then came here looking for green pastures.

But bringing their fucking delusions with them.

Ranch Chimp said...

I disagree Demeur ... I think if the republican's gain a majority again ... they are going to do "plenty" as far as reconstructing the country .... taking it to a path self destruction. I dont think they "hate" America ... but are totally brainwashed and living in a time warp, I wrote quite a bit about this for at least a year ... because so may liberal blog's a year ago were just ranting how dumb republican's are, cant win a chili cook off or tie their shoe's, but what many failed to see ... was they were networking far more than the left and being more effective utilizing radio, media, and so forth ... of course this is all sponsored and paid by sources they wont reveal ... you can bet corporate. And as I posted ... the first work they will do if they regain a majority will be to stop all the tax legislation that has been done by this administration, they will try to stop the new consumer protection group, and stop all regulatory legislation. Many will say it will create job's ... it will create some, but what people are not seeing "yet" is that will backfire as well, because the new global market cannot work on the way's and rule's of the post WW2 industrial revolution, and those at the top who dictate know it cant, but they will do everything you posted also. The whole reason they started this rush globalization was to do just this, and use America to conquer with our military and taxes the rest of the global arena to try to industrailize the 3rd world (China and India have over 1 billion population's are are the next dominant market's of the globe in year's to come). It's not a conspiracy ... but a "plan" ... you dont need a bloody conspiracy when you have masses of struggling folk's, many of which are dumb as a doorknob to how the world work's and you have 95% of the world's wealth and control all government's ... you do it all out in the open ... and tell everyone it's about "love" and living in "harmony" etc ... most folk's have humanitarian instinct's and buy it, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's why they created religiuon's and public school system's. :)

S.W. Anderson said...

Like Ranch Chimp said. Plus, their tea party surrogates are hot after killing health care and financial reform, and doing away with a raft of constitutional amendments.

Then, there's corruption. Time they don't devote to funneling money and favors to the fat cats who bankroll them will be spent on things like gerrymandering, disqualifying 2012 voters and developing their trademark lowdown, dirty tricks.