Saturday, October 30, 2010

In keeping with my theme

Run for your lives there's a terrorist under your bed! But it's too late to use this as some political football. We know if the rethugs were in power they'd be shoving it in your face how you'd better be very afraid and vote for them cause they'll protect you from those evil doers. But they can't because the system that's been put in place after 911 actually works. It's not perfect by any means but it does work. This is their third open try to get at us and they failed. The shoes and underpants didn't work. Their only success in this was tying up a whole bunch of security personnel which is really a good thing because it keeps them on their toes. What you don't see everyday are the number of suspicious packages and backpacks that get blown up by the bomb squad at airports. For a while when I worked there it was becoming quit common and barely made the news. And as for trying something funny at an American airport forget it. You can't scratch your ear without somebody seeing you and having you on tape.

A strange infestation descended on Washington DC today. A sea of humanity from all walks of life crowded the Capitol Mall and for a few short hours forgot the troubles of the day, No real agenda other than to celebrate a few of our common positive qualities. Some positive songs from groups like Roots, the OJs and the former Cat Stevens, an uplifting speech or two and awards for sanity in the face of adversity. Fear was put in it's place with the snark of Colbert. Jon Stewart restored reason with the cool logic as only he can.

One credit union went under on Friday. Union Credit Union of Spokane. It was the first credit union to go belly up in the state in 15 years.


BBC said...

A strange infestation descended on Washington DC today.

Soon to be forgotten, many weren't aware of it in the first place. Me for example, I was busy cooking up meals to put in the freezer.

BBC said...

I think this post is in code and you're merely warning us of your impending three-state killing spree.

Idaho, Montana and South Dakota?

The Blog Fodder said...

All the best to America on Tuesday.

Tom Harper said...

If we had a Republican in the White House, that bomb wouldn't have been discovered until it was too late. Then the Republican president would have an excuse for another mass panic and Orange Alert.