Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mixed hash

Funny how when you're looking for an image what pops up. About half of what came up looked like BC bud although never having imbibed in that particular brand how could one know it was from BC? But then getting off track a bit.

Another 400K+ unemployment claims last week. Will it end with the November elections? Hope so. For all they've done to us I'd like to shove a bunch of republicans out the congerssional door and have them live in a cardboard box for a while. Then should I see them on the street I could tell them what bums they are. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of your lack of legislation senator?

Queen Elizabeth has canceled a planned Christmas party at Buckingham Palace. Tight economy you know. Must save up for the prince's wedding gift. You know what a Bently costs these days? But come on guys even we got rid of the red carpet and the throng of trumpeters tooting 'Hail to the chief'.

To be a first officer a pilot must now have 1500 flight hours. Hummm? I need 4000 hours to be a lead man on a haz mat job. And the airlines are complaining that that's too much time. That they'll be forced to pay for more experienced pilots. Ah, isn't that the way it usually works?

I'm sure the joy of the mine rescue will be short lived as the book deals get signed, the talk shows are booked and the next reality drivel is hatched. Then there'll be the scandals and law suits and all the other nick nackery that goes with such events. Let me tell you the hardest part for the miners was the first 17 days when they weren't sure if they'd get out. Once they were known to be alive and had access to food and water it was down hill from there.

I'll need a new remote for the TV after this election season. Or at least a new mute button. I've seen less mud on a construction site in the middle of rainy season. Hit the mute button again would you? It's another attack ad.


Randal Graves said...

Just so you know, I've reported you to the FCC for false advertising. Demeur's not here, man.

an average patriot said...

These ads we are having to listen top are pissing me off. Some of the crap they are saying, they can spend millions anonymously it's sick!

Funny with the miners that one guy who invited his wife of 28 years and his mistress of 4 years to greet him and the mistress showed up. That ought to be interesting.

You know, with the trillions we have spent on bailouts and everything else it has done nothing but further the bankrupting of America Bush the scum started ans it will get worse.

Tom Harper said...

And now a word from our sponsors:

Patty Murray is a #@!%$#&!#!$!!

Dino Rossi is a #@!%$#&!#!$!!

Proposition 1100 will create jobs! Cheap booze everywhere, all the time!

S.W. Anderson said...

Man, am I with you, wearing out the remote, especially the mute button. But it's not just the political attack ads. There's a whole bunch of them that use the wall-of-sound technique, with annoying, repetitive background music or white noise. They are psychologically designed force you to fight to hear what's being said. As long as the mute button holds up, I will neither fight nor hear.

There is one commercial I kind of like hearing. It's for Jell-O chocolate mousse, and it has a catchy pop tune in the background. It is sung, but with no words. The only problem is, I can't for the life of me place that tune. This ad plays on MSNBC. Does anyone know what the name of the tune or group singing it is?

MRMacrum said...

I would not advise mixing hashes. I discovered many years ago that mixing Blonde with Black hash was a surefire way to fall into a 3 day stupor. No. Nothing good comes from mixing hash.

Oso said...

I'd like to join you in shoving them out the door. Nothing would be better for the bastards than living in a cardboard box.I don't think they're really stupid enough to believe the crap about all the opportunity here and everyone has the same chances;unemployment just makes people lazy,etc etc.

Unfortunately their supporters believe it.

Hey awhile back you'd mentioned something about CRE articles, don't know if it's still an interest but here's an article you may like: