Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Offline tomorrow

The power company left a note the other day telling me they'll be working on the lines in our neighborhood tomorrow meaning I won't be on line for most of the day. Glad to see some of all that loot I send their way every other month go to a good cause. Knowing the way they work here our power should be back on well within their time frame. They do a good job most every time when the lines go haywire and they're made to come out in the nastiest weather. On more than one occasion they've had power back on within the hour of a call. Also glad they'll be replacing some aging infrastructure.

Just hope I haven't jinxed this job.


BBC said...

Put a bucket under your junction box so that when they blow the lines out it doesn't blow dust and shit all over your place.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Hell ... at least someone's working Bud! Where I live is the oldest thing in my neighborhood, built in 1969, which was basically a prarie area back then considered as the outskirt's of the city, now is central in the city and very commecialized, from night life entertainment, shopping, banking, medical, train/ bus service from 4:30am to 1:30am, etc. Unbelievable how much can change in jusy 40 year's.

an average patriot said...

I hope it goes as well as you expect, see you tomorrow!

Demeur said...

I'm back!
All went well and they had the power back on 1/2 hour before they said.