Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm watching the demise of just about everything these days. Was this some cosmic perfect storm or something like that? Starting with my own surroundings I seem to be experiencing the end of all warrantees, the end of the lifespan of so many things. I realize all things must come to an end but do they have to converge seemingly all at once? Many things were once repairable have now become disposable. Is that also true with human beings? A shoe lace breaks, a toilet part wears out they've gotten too old and won't function. So we replace them. Time was we'd just mend them and be about our merry way until they could no longer do their duty. Maybe we find another use for the partial lace and it continues in a new career of holding up a stem. Not so with humans. We ship them off to the junk drawer of society. That is until they completely expire. I guess what I'm saying is that there are a whole bunch of people out here who haven't quite hit the age of the junk drawer but lost their function in life. Too young for the junk drawer but too old to be retooled for something else.

What's happening out there right now? The people they're looking for are the ones who find the jobs and coordinate the programs that get things going. But I have to ask where did they go if they're still needed? Did they retire or die?

In looking around the neighborhood and the area I'm seeing more and more decay. More empty houses and closed store fronts are blossoming like weeds in this urban landscape. So many are hanging by their fingernails as they slide into the pit of bankruptcy. Very quietly we're watching the slow death of America. You won't see much of this reality on TV these days, too grim and depressing. You don't need to send people to an island to see desperation it's right here in our own back yard. Flip on the financial channels and you may see a bit of fringe info about our predicament but for the most part its' fat cats and managers touting funds with no real money. You're seeing the feeble attempt to re leverage the financial markets. And while the casino stays open the games continue (24/7 you know) but this time the passerby gets his house pulled right out from under him. House always wins but now they're taking out spectators who weren't even in the game.

So that's where we are at present the grand decay of America. And you thought Halloween was over? Not by a long shot.


Tim said...

I think we are just about to experience The Nation in it's death throws. The grand experiment is dieing. Alone we can't do it anymore.
After tomorrow the grab for power will be nearly complete. I really think it's a plan by the Koch brothers to remake the country. I really don't want to live in that country. Despair has become the norm.
Of course that's coming from a professional consider the source..

The Blog Fodder said...

That is a grim picture you are painting, my friend. But all the signs say that you are right.
Question: In the game of Monopoly, once you own everything the game is over. So once the very rich have it all, what happens next?

Demeur said...

Tim Canada is looking better all the time although they're getting a bit loonie up there (no pun intended).

Fodder you of all people should know. Just look at Russia of the past.

BBC said...

Things are going along and looking pretty much as I expected so I've simplified a lot of my life. Yup, I save old shoe strings and find uses for them.

As for my old body, well, that's life, I'm pretty much done with it anyway so with luck it will be returned to the earth because nothing in nature is wasted.

I wonder what will be built on the ashes of America, hopefully something better. Something not built by a bunch of stupid fucking christians.

BBC said...

Forget Canada, we're taking them down with us.

BBC said...

How do you get away from the grip of the rich? You get a little place out in the country, out of sight, out of mind.

Randal Graves said...

Halloween's not over? Sweet, I get to wear a mask every day of the week!