Friday, November 5, 2010

It's friday and you know what that means

Radioactive rabbit trapped at nuclear reservation.
Yes the legacy of the cold war lives on at Hanford. How does this work you might ask? Simple. The ground water gets contaminated causing radioactive plants. Animals eat the plants and bingo you have glow in the dark critters running around. Coworkers who have worked there say that they even have radioactive tumbleweeds.

Random odd thoughts for a Friday
Nothing is indestructible. If their was such a material it couldn't be made into anything.

Why is it that you can overwater your lawn in the summer and it will turn brown but it can rain all winter with no ill effects?

How is insanity defined by the Tea Party?

If you were comparing the weight and color of cigarette lighters and the darker ones were heavier.
You could say the lighter lighter is lighter.

If we could capture the electrical and chemical impulses of the brain we could effectively record thoughts and memories.
Bank fails later.

If you're out and about this weekend and you run into a veteran buy him/her a beer. It's the least we can do. If he's the furry kind like veteran cat here a kitty treat will do.

UPDATE: Bank fails. Four banks hit the skids. Two in CA one in MD and one in WA. And the bad news two of the banks were commercial banks. Not a good sign.


an average patriot said...

You know, the tea party would define insanity as anything Obama but speaking of radioactive rabbits that reminded me of the big problem in Germany where they love their wild boar but because of Chernobyl they are radioactive and the Government is buying them to keep people from eating them. Two tiny examples of the hell of a mess we have made of our only home, earth!

Anonymous said...

Chernobyl* is in Germany?

Russians will be glad to know that.

The Blog Fodder said...

So will Ukrainians. Chernobyl is north of Kyiv, just below the Belarusian border.
However the radioactive cloud spread north with the wind. Not sure that wold boar in Germany are affected to any extent. If true then lots of stuff in Germany must glow in the dark.

Demeur said...

There may be a grain of truth in that. I remember they had to throw out milk in Denmark because it was contaminated.

Anonymous said...

When I say Russian I MEAN Ivan.

A Soviet's a Soviet.


Anonymous said...

They threw out milk in Wisconsin and Michigan because it was contaminated-

with PPBs but we drank it anyway 'cause we were tough like that.

BBC said...

These monkeys love wars and honoring their veterans. Fuck that, I'm tired of all that shit, I wouldn't honor a vet no matter what country I lived in, this shit has to end someday.

Women should kick the shit out of their men and tell them they can't go fight each other. Not that it's ever going to happen.

My last wife worked at Hanford, it would have been cool if she had glowed in the dark.

So this glow in the dark shit, is it blue, green or yellow?

BBC said...

I'd suck the milk right out of a glowing tit, I'm just that way, hehehehe

BBC said...

hell of a mess we have made of our only home, earth!

Speak for yourself, I have a home somewhere else, but it's not as physical as this one and that is what makes this one so cool.

harry said...

I'm a veteran of the Drug Wars.

I'll take a magnum of Thunderbird or Ripple if you don't mind,thanks.


harry said...

Demeurs, dat scary lookin' ofay muthafcukka is followin' me around, can I hide in de woodshed ?

Demeur said...

Ya better hide or dem terrists ill be under your bed so don't try hidin there.

So you lost the drug war? We'll get you a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

Some of the colors would be iridescent blue or green.

harry said...

No, I ain't lost,de drug war ain't ober here in mah neck ob de woods.

I heard about dat 2 buk Chuck fcuk; he bees very popular.

Bring him ass over sweety.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Nothing is indestructible. If their was such a material it couldn't be made into anything."

Don't bet on that. Just let the people behind all those gadgets and gimmicks Billy Mays peddled on TV get hold of some and you'll see what can be done with it.

"Friends, stand by for the amazing, unbelievable Miracle Lump! You can't break it, burn or even bruise it, no matter what you do. It can't be squeezed, smashed or cut with our own Ginsu knife. Watch as it resists this 1,300-degree cutting torch. Drop it off the Empire State Bldg.; not a scratch. We've even mounted it to an underground nuclear test blast — 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BOOM — and as the mushroom cloud clears, there it is, good as new . . ."

Al said...
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an average patriot said...

The fall out is yes it is. Do yourself a favor and Google it

an average patriot said...

Here you go

an average patriot said...

There is more than a grain of truth in that it is simple fact sadly!