Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't look now but the boss is watching

Random rants: Congress stood there today yet again blocking a bill that would extend unemployment benefits to those who would lose them at the end of this month. Merry Christmas from the republicans one more time. They had no problem not paying for a war or medical drug benefits or tax cuts for people who don't need them, but throw a few crumbs to the peasants? Never! It's as if they never finished Scrooge or the Grinch that Stole Christmas. Only made it to the part of the thievery and cruelty then put the book down.

The job search has become psychotic. One day I see several jobs listed. Upon applying I find that the company was in the process of laying off workers. Then of course there is a bunch of scams out there too numerous to count. And the rest? If I had another life time to live I could just about qualify. It's frightening to think what the result of the diploma mills will have when yet more unqualified clowns make it through the system. If you think the likes of Sarah and Christine were bad you ain't seen nothing yet.


BBC said...

Unemployment benefits have always been seen as just temporary. Wars or medical drug benefits seen as long term things.

In my trades I'm sure I could still get work even if I had to bounce around the trades some or go somewhere else to work.

But most likely I would just pick up freelance jobs around here, that's what I did most of the time after moving here anyway.

I don't know what to tell you in the case of your specialized trade but you'd better figure something out or get to DSHS and start a claims process.

And you can always find a free Thanksgiving and Christmas meal, they'll even wash the dishes.

Hell, total your truck and take a disability and kick back and relax, it's worked for millions.

Demeur said...

Sorry Billy but it doesn't work that way anymore. I have a disabled relative back east who couldn't get squat. He still works but can't make enough to survive. He got injured on the job and they denied his claim. There's your privatization of government services. The more they deny the more they make.
DSHS won't help you unless you're a pregnant gal with kids and no assets. And it takes two years to get disability if you get approved.

BBC said...

I have a disabled relative back east who couldn't get squat.

He/she just didn't get the right shyster lawyer. You don't hire a lawyer for things like that. You find one of those shyster lawyers in the yellow pages that works for a cut of what they can get you.

I see that happening all the time, I travel in many circles and see many things.

BBC said...

Your truck isn't insured?

BBC said...

With your luck you would get in a wreck with someone that wasn't insured, hahaha

When I lived in Utah we had to have a safety inspection and show proof of insurance every year to get a new tab.

Tim said...

You and I picked the wrong profession for sure. I wanted to get into Safety as a noble thing to do. No one told me in bad times that's the first thing to go. Having said that..
a niece of mine got a hold of me through face book. I haven't heard from her in 15 years. Anyway, she started her own business in California as a Safety Consultant and by the pictures she sent is doing really good. Makes me wonder if it's a regional phenomenon. She was a water specialist then changed to Safety. On the other hand I want to check out being a water specialist. Fracking is the big thing here.

Randal Graves said...

There's no money to be made in safety. Now, in death, disease and mayhem....