Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loco Smoco

I must give today's youth credit. They sure have taken the extremes to a new pinnacle. Not satisfied with the latest eardrum shattering bone crushing tangent of sane living they have one upped the old man and old lady with yet an acme of higher endeavors. Why have one loco when four is so much better. But maybe in their quest for nirvana they've crossed the line. One can only go so far before running out of cliffs' edge. In the ongoing quest for faster fasts and higher highs they've hit the wall. And I'm almost certain that there will be reminiscent tales of having drank four cans of the fruity beverage in one night repeated again in the depths of the high school locker rooms. Surely they'd not be foolish enough to leave photo evidence on some facebook page, but then I never underestimate their lack of foresight. What the grownups in charge fail to realize is that those they are trying to protect are far more creative at seeking mind altering methods for a Friday night. And far be it from them not to figure out the fundamental ingredients of the Loco juice. With a copped bottle of the old mans' KahlĂșa Especial which has an alcohol content of 36% and other creative bartendary they'll have something just as tasty and lethal. We can only hope that somebody in the group will have the minuscule amount of sense to call 911 prior to cardiac arrest.
There in lies the problem. We have leaned on government too long to solve our parenting responsibilities. Rather than tell junior to put down the game controller and get his butt to the ball field we let city counsel banish cardiac burgers from the menu. And rather than solve the root causes of our social ills we're content with letting someone else treat the symptoms. Just how insane is this thinking when we deny a cheap toy to junior while we give away free syringes to junkies? What message does that send?
Now here's a disheartening thought that maybe the insurance companies hadn't thought of. With 25% of our youth being obese in all likelihood we of the older set will probably out live them. That will present a difficult situation of demographics. Like a country hit with war the bulk of the population would be either very young or very old. A perfect set up for total population control. The situation will not get better anytime soon either. As we keep moving away from physical labors to keep ourselves alive our bodies atrophy that much more. Soon keyboards and mice will be as antiquated as a slide rule. They are very close to computer interactions by thought. I could only imagine in a hundred years of inactivity of human blobs in mobile chairs. Remember it's only taken about 50 years to get to this point of obesity.


Roger Owen Green said...

that stuff's recently been banned in NYS

BBC said...

What the grownups in charge fail to realize is that those they are trying to protect are far more creative at seeking mind altering methods for a Friday night.

Grownups in charge? There's fucking grownups in charge? Where?

that stuff's recently been banned in NYS.

Then only outlaws will have it.

Hey, you fucking kids can't get fat and worthless, you're supposed to be working your asses to support our retirement.

Like you will be expecting your kids to do. Oh - oh, another look at Americas future and it ain't pretty.

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually this is hilarious yet true! :)

I am blown away in the morning when I go to "7- 11" next door to my apartment to pick up a morning read (paper) ... seeing the line's of folk's to check out with energy drinx though, no alcohol content, but really wil give the heart a workout ... most of which are guest worker's (since my neighborhood is about 80% latino) alien's ... that do the landscaping work and grunt job's for all the wealthy and corporate joint's in North Dallas .... they barely even know english, not to mention what the Hell they are drinking, just to pump themselves up to wotk harder for that $8 buck's an hour or so .... kind of remind's me of an older posting of your's about "work yourself to death" or something. I'm not an exception when it come's to self abuse though ....being my one heavy addiction to cocaine for year's in past, and opium for awhile when I lived in Hollywood/ LA. The caine addiction came year's back when I used to run dope from Mexico into Texas part time (back before all this drug war violence of today ... back then respectable familia people moved the dope), but it helped me keep hour's on long haul's, up to Dallas and Houston, I would just get to town on the border, spend a night, get a room, a gal(mexicana hooker, I was too busy/ time pressed for dating, so that was quick and fast, cause time was money, beside's I alway's had a woman back home too) and a bottle, then hit the road right before sun up to get my haul. I also still smoke cigarette's (bout a half pack a day) my brand is Marlboro Lights 100 in the Box, I never did try to quit smoking though.

As far as talk's of banning and such .... this is all fine and dandy but stupid. Dope (coke) and handgun's are banned or regulated ... I bought that stuff on the street's for year's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... nothing can get banned from folk's like us ... we buy, do, and get whatever we want. :)

an average patriot said...

It seems like every week it is something new. They should just forget it. I have a friend who just told me he drinks something he makes called apple pie and it is made from 190 proof wood grain alcohol. That use to be illegal but you can buy it now.