Wednesday, November 24, 2010

winter driving

Reason for not posting. Resident computer geek went out and took this vid last night and had it not been for a large concrete curb would not be here to talk about it.
The roads around here are so crappy I wasn't able to go out and get the traditional turkey. Everything is ice and I live near a main road. You'll note two buses stuck on the hill in the background of the vid. They were there for over four hours waiting for assistance. As this freezing weather continues it doesn't look like I'll make it to the store by dinner time on thanksgiving. Of course as this year has gone there's nothing to be thankful for any way.


BBC said...

There's always something to be thankful for. I wonder why folks wait until the last days to buy a turkey, I bought mine a good week ago.

There's plenty of free thanksgiving dinners here so I don't suppose I'll cook it until next summer.

I'll venture out today, the main roads are clear.

BBC said...

About 50,000 still without power in Kitsap Count.

Got power? Be thankful. If mine goes out it's no big deal, I have back up systems and three different kinds of heating so I'm set okay.

Roger Owen Green said...

The snowy Albany forecast for Thanksgiving has been altered, thank Goodness.

an average patriot said...

Thanksgiving every day! I cooked a big one yesterday and will eat it all day every day until gone. Be careful with the driving and be thankful you can get out of the weather.

Randal Graves said...

Just put snow shoes on your car.

harry said...

Aw,turkey is over rated anyway.

Try a nice gull or raven. Even cat or 'coon is good from what I read.
BBC will give you the reciepe.

Have a good one there Demeur whatever it is.

S.W. Anderson said...

You think your area's bad. In Eastern Washington, we're celebrating our annual First Time It's Ever Snowed In These Parts, Duh, Fender Bender Festival. As of last night, there were 237 reported accidents since Sunday afternoon.

Hard starting, slippery going, poor visibility, need more stopping time — who knew?

Be thankful for that curb; for not living here, where we're likely to break records for snowfall total again this year and the temperature last night was 8 below zero; for having a computer and Net access, and for BBC's curmudgeonly wit and wisdom. ;)

Seriously, I hope you and yours have a nice Thanksgiving. Sometimes hard times bring good memories, at least once your past them.

Demeur said...

Power almost never goes out here.

Snow shoes? No that would mean supporting Chinese child labor.

Harry so I assume you're having roasted coon.

SW I though you were from the Midwest. Guess we'll start calling the inland empire New Siberia.

harry said...

Well no sir, actually I'll have the traditional 22 pound fresh,never frozen roast turkey I stole just last night, with all the trimmings,mashed potatoes,a green bean casseroule, finished off with the traditional pumpkin pies,carrot cake, coffee and cognac and a fine Habana cigar.

Eatin' dem 'coon is only fo' po' nigras,don't know whey to shop.

Bon Appetite'!

harry said...

I'm thankful I grew up in the cold white north and learned to drive on/in snow.
And when to not even attempt it.
Virtually no one had 4WD in those days.
Big heavy front engined 400CI V8s with RWD and autotrans were the mainstays.

Don't even THINK about touching the over-boosted power drum brakes.

harry said...

..Was mo' fun than two barrels of monkeys.

pygalgia said...

I remember how badly Seattle handles snow. Not fun.
Happy Thanksgiving, buddy.

Oso said...

my sympathies,Demeur. Hang in there.Not near as bad here in Boise although a little slippery.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Guess we'll start calling the inland empire New Siberia."

We're to get another 10-12 inches between Friday morning and Sunday morning. I'm prepared to call it much worse names.