Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snarky news you can't use

Prince William engaged
Who cares somebody pry him loose.

Beatles on Itunes
If you don't already have almost everything they did then Google it. It's out there somewhere.

Arms dealer whisked to America
Will they scramble and flambe him as well? Humm? The U.S. sells more arms than anyone on the planet. Eventually they land up being used on us and this is the bad guy?

Karzi calls on Taliban to join peace process
They'll join only if they can get a cut of the action. When you have a cash cow bogged down in your country you want to suck it dry before it wises up and leaves.

Building collapse in Delhi and a fire destroys a skyscraper in Shanghi.
They just don't teach construction trades like they used to. Codes? We just thought those were guidlines.


an average patriot said...

All the crap that doesn't matter at all, sick isn't it?

Tim said...

And then tell me more...pins and needles here...lol

We so got priorities screwed up.

BBC said...

It's been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog....

Karzi calls on Taliban to join peace process.

Wipe them out and there will be peace with them.

BBC said...

Well, I think that I'll support no building codes in China being as they are expanding and growing so fast that it soon would take 1.2 of our planet to support just them.

Randal Graves said...

You never hear about arresting a legs dealer, those are the real criminals. Look how long they've evaded capture.

S.W. Anderson said...

Nice job putting text on the artwork at an angle. That's tricky, and it turned out well.

Re: Beatles. Isn't it time for some new group, new sound, new trend in popular music to come along with the same wow quotient as the Beatles had back in the day?

I'm not big on following entertainment, pop culture and all that, I admit. But it seems to me this country has gone really stale in those areas. Those who do follow it are down to tracking Brittany Spears' descent to trailer-trash hag status, and Lindsey Lohan's drug busts and lame-joke consequences.

"Karzi calls on Taliban to join peace process."

Chickens call on Col. Sanders to join in life-altering process.

Re: Delhi collapse and Shanghai fire.

Here's a novel idea. The Chinese and Indians could hire some American engineers, including safety types and building code inspectors, to train or give upgrade training to counterparts in the two countries.

Such an arrangement could enhance safety, reduce insurance payouts and prevent all sorts of grief. Granted, it wouldn't necessarily prevent bribery and pencil-whipping, if those things are going on. But it would still improve the likelihood of safer buildings.

It would also help with our horrendous trade imbalance.

okjimm said...

I want REAL news.... like, huh, Prince Willy dances with the Taliban on Fox.....nowz that would be good.

Ranch Chimp said...

This had me busting a gut in laughter ...loved the one about the arm's being used on us especially ... and that is why I stay well armed as well ... the mother fucker who take's me out, is going to get hit too if I can help it. :)

God fuck America ... than fuck yourself too God! :)