Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So much for America

Now that the obstructionists have taken over let's see what they'll do to finish off the country. They think it's so easy to dig us out of this mess just by lowering taxes and cutting spending. This should be interesting. They said they wanted to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. That would leave a 3 trillion dollar hole in the budget. Watch as your Social Security gets sucked into the rabbit hole of Wall Street. Your Medicare will be an IOU to the doctor and if you're a veteran and get injured good luck you'll be on your own.

I'd like everybody out there who's been out of work for a while or whose about to loose their house to pop a line their newly elected senator and badger him/her "Where's my job"? What are you going to do about the mortgage mess? Keep calling and emailing them just like they've done to us the last three months when they pleading for our vote. It's one thing to spout talking points of how you'd like things to be done. It's quite another to actually come up with a plan that would work.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll be busy checking with the Canadian embassy about their immigration policies. With luck I'll be sitting on a porch in B.C. watching this country collapse. Load your guns boys because when they get through stealing what you have left you'll be fighting for scraps.


The Blog Fodder said...

Good man. One of Borowitz's 55 million immigration applications to Canada from the US in the past 24 hours?

Demeur said...

Darn and I thought I had a good escape plan.

Will the last person leaving the U.S. please turn out the lights.

Tim said...

I'm checking out Canada too.
I am going to write about what happened and it will upset my lefty friends. I blame it squarely on Obama. He has been caught like a deer in the headlights. The only person who didn't see this coming was the great Appeaser himself. Look for War in Iran and a depression like none other. We will default on our loans and ruin credit standing. Any good he did do will be repealed. Nice job President lame duck.

Randal Graves said...

One party flips the bird to the unwashed masses, unwashed masses vote them out, the other party flips the bird to the unwashed masses, unwashed masses vote *them* out, rinse, repeat.

Demeur said...

Yeah I'm getting tired of this election cycle. And they won't even put us in the dryer. Just hang us out to dry.