Sunday, November 21, 2010

The U.S a Christian nation? Not

For those teabaggers who have this delusion that there is no separation of church and state, guess they were sleeping when the high school teacher was discussing the 1st amendment, there was a good reason for this little detail in our constitution. If they'd have taken the time to delve into the actual early American history of this nation, they would know exactly why the pilgrims known as "Seperatists" came to this country. Things in England weren't too kind to those that didn't tow the line with the church as you will see by this little snippet:

The Separatists had long been controversial. Under the 1559 Act of Uniformity, it was illegal not to attend official Church of England services, with a fine of 12d (£0.05; 2005 equivalent: about £5) for each missed Sunday and holy day. The penalties for conducting unofficial services included imprisonment and larger fines. Under the policy of this time, Barrowe and Greenwood were executed for sedition in 1593.

Then there's the issue of Thanksgiving. There are several accounts from the Plymouth colony and a few of the others who held similar celebrations at the time about how by God's good graces the pilgrims were able to survive the first winter and prosper.
Horse Hockey I say! If anything this holiday should honor the American Indians who saved their sorry asses from starving to death by sharing their food. Had it not been for fellows like Squanto the pilgrims would have been wolf dinners.

Silly to think that the Tea Party would embrace a system that our ancestors were trying so hard to flee. Have they become that which they hate the most?


BBC said...

The Native Americans should have had their own department of homeland security.

The intent in forming this country wasn't for it to be a christian country but those fucking christians take their brainwashing's everywhere.

Just like those fucking muslims do.

I’m having a drink in a bar, christian on one side of me, muslim on the other side. Finish my drink and order another and pull out my pistol and shoot the christian and muslim. Bartender says, “Why did you do that?” “There’s so fucking many christians and muslims on this rock that I don’t have to drink with the same ones twice.”

So how is this bullshit idea of diversity and mixing cultures working for everyone?

BBC said...

As I watch the news it seems to me like it's the natives that are starting to get something right. Reclaiming lands and protecting them environmentally.

The Blog Fodder said...

Actually, the Pilgrims had every intention of doing to other religions what was being done to them in England (and did when they could get away with it). They were interested in freedom for THEIR religion.

Hence, in order to prevent any particular religion from seizing control of government and outlawing other religions it made sense to separate church and state.

Tom Harper said...

The exact phrase "separation of church and state" doesn't appear anywhere in the Constitution. That's what the Right keeps pointing out, since those people are unable and unwilling to grasp anything that isn't spelled out in block letters.

I interpret the First Amendment to mean freedom of, and freedom from, religion, i.e. separation of church and state. But it's true what Blog Fodder says, that the Pilgrims came here for the freedom to enforce their own religion at gunpoint.

squatlo said...

Not to get into the obvious intent of the First Amendment, but if you want to see the funniest take ever on the Pilgrims' first winter in North America and their attitude turn-around after nearly starving, watch the youtube clip of "cake or death eddie Izzard"
Eddie nails it about thirty seconds of that six minute stand up routine. Well worth the search!

BTW, love your blog!

Demeur said...

Hat tip to you Squatlo. Not to be confused with Squanto.

BBC said...

The First Amendment was an experiment, just as the Constitution was.

S.W. Anderson said...

Ignorance is definitely behind the problem some Christians have with the First Amendment separation clause. I'm convinced the bigger problem is that you've got a bunch of neurotics who get off on claiming persecution, intolerance, anti-God conspiracies or some such. (There, you see, racial minorities aren't the only ones being discriminated against!)

Some fundamentalist types have a problem with the separation clause because they can't or won't process the tricky concept that it's in the Constitution not to suppress religion, but rather to protect religious freedom. When government and religion climb in bed together, no matter who's on top at a given moment, the people get screwed before it's over with. Mnay centuries of European history back that up.

(Mr. Cat there looks spiffy but none too happy.)

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

I've never been impressed by the Pilgrims. I live not far from Jamestown, Virginia, where the dumbasses settled in a swamp and thought it was a good place to live. Let's see...mosquitos bearing diseases...check. Fetid water supply...check. Poisonous snakes...check. Summers hot and humid...check. Winters bone cold...check.

Did you know they were graverobbers? Yep, one of the first things they did was rob indian graves. Bunch of derelicts, if you ask me :)