Friday, May 4, 2012

Beaver Party

Forget the Wild Rose party and the Pirate Party and all the fringe groups trying to carve out their own political territory. We've seen enough of the far right parties and their ideas that will never make it to main stream. So bye bye Tim so long Sanatarium never again Noot. Anybody seen hide nor hair of Ron these days? Thought not lame stream media has relegated him to the trash can in the lower right of the computer screen. So easy to drag and drop and don't forget to do a secure empty trash or he might just regurgitate back at you when you least expect it.

The Beaver Party is here to make life so much easier. Their motto "who cares I got to much work to do to bother with you." Their platform is fairly high but simple. Eat, build a dam, fashion a lodge and procreate, everything else is a plus. And never have more offspring than yourself otherwise you'll be outnumbered and who needs that?

Banks? Beavers don't need banks unless it's the rivers' edge. Bank fails will be later.


BBC said...

It's all bullshit and smoke screens, met to shore up wall street and banking.

One day they state that employment and shopping is improving, the next day they have to admit that things are in fact continuing going to hell.

Before this is all over we may need those beavers to make us some coats with. As I recall you can also eat them.

S.W. Anderson said...

We could learn a lot from the beavers and other critters.

One of the small pleasures of an extended GOP primary season is seeing bad-news boors like Gingrich being rejected by the majority of his own over-the-edge wingnut party. Sort of like a gangster being drummed out of the mob for being too dishonest and violent even for them.