Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who are you?

Ever wonder what we are? This mighty mass of billions and billions of tiny little cells all working most of the time in harmony. That compilation of hormones, enzymes and proteins unique to any other on the planet. Have we really a free will or are we determined by the sum of our chemistry? There's something the Bard of Avon never pondered. Off or on, here or not, shall I stay or go, now there's a rub.
Are we mad? Round and round we go. Over and over, haven't we been down this road before? And yet we choose the road well traveled. Is it habit or some unconscious need for status quo? A comfort zone or a rut depending upon how you look at it. Ruled by the unwritten laws of existence. You should know them by now. That shoelace didn't break without just case as you were late for the important meeting. Murphy did have a bit of insight into such matters. But it is far more than that. We with our feeble minds can only think inside the box because we are the box.
Now if all this sounds a bit esoteric it may be, but that too is part of the sum of humanity. Always need someone to travel the lesser traveled path it's the adventure land of the abstract. Where we are going and where we will land up is anyone's guess. There comes a time though when you can go on without me because I have seen enough. Been there done that now if I could just remember half of it I could write volumes. Around and around we go always landing up back where we started. A greater mind would call that a fool's errand but we call it life.

So thank you for dropping by and reading my meanderings. Just a brief passing concept tucked somewhere in the recesses. Hope it gave you something to briefly ponder. Okay then carry on but you'll be back because the door is always open and you didn't have anything better to do. "What fools these mortals be".

Hey I thought this was going to be about Mother's Day (you thought). Well it is in a round about way. All part of the puzzle.


BBC said...

My journeys and experiences have been many. Those trying to sway me one way or another have been many. Those and many other things are what I am today.

harry said...

Twevinkle, twevinkle little star; ' ow I vonder vot ve are,

Blah, blah, blah.

Always good reading to be found in here, thanks Demeur.

BBC said...

Twinkle twinkle little twat.
It's been so long that you've just been a thought.

Demeur said...

Matters not we're all just worm food in the end.