Friday, May 11, 2012

Beavers and politics Friday

(Hat tip to a favorite cartoonist David Horsey)

And I always thought beavers weren't political. Speaking of which there's much ado about nothing once again as the prez tries to garner votes. Saying you're for gay marriage may be all well and good in hearing cheers from the gay community but it overlooks the fact that federal law says otherwise and Obama isn't a state employee. Good luck getting that amendment passed the House on that one.

Beginning to see a slow shift in politics. Greece elects a left leaning anti austerity government. Could you blame them? Yeah that's what I'd want when half starving to death, a more far right bunch who'd make even more cuts because I just love self mutilation (snark!).
France wised up. Too cozy with Sarkozy resulted in a less than comfortable outcome. Qu'est-ce prendre sa retraite à 65 ans? Sacre bleu!
And now I see the cops in the UK are non too happy with taking a pension cut and have joined the heads they've been cracking all these months. Hey guys we tried to tell you but you wouldn't believe us. Watch out Mr. PM the bobby just might be too busy with his fish and chips to answer your call.
Canada bringing up the rear. Ah they always were a bit late to the party. And it's no party for students who are experiencing massive tuition increases. And you wonder why they're rioting in the streets. Watch out for their energy policy too. Nothing like dirtying the air and water then selling you a Brita and a respirator.

And so the political winds are slowly shifting. You can only squeeze the Peonage ™ for so long before there is a backlash.

So it's on to the bank fails later. They never post results until closing time on Fridays. Throwing bad news during rush hour the last work day is now a tradition. So easy to hide the ugly truth.


an average patriot said...

I know I am gullible here but I believe him that he did it as a lesson for his daughters. Not that his daughters told him too as we are hearing. I think that because he will lose as much as he would gain maybe more as he can kiss the red states good bye.

an average patriot said...

Is this the new Blogger? I haven't switched yet because it looks grossly inadequate at least when I looked at it a few weeks back. Is it?

The Blog Fodder said...

Canada is a bit slow but seems to be learning tricks from the folks south of the line. Cut taxes (and revenue) then pass it on to the middle class. Soon University will be for the rich only, like it was years back. At least we don't wage interminable wars.

BBC said...

I've been forgetting to check horsey. Oh well, it's all a cluster fuck anyway.

Demeur said...

I was forced into the new Blogger. They switched on me without my permission or knowledge. Luckily for Billy (BBC) here I was able to restore to normal operating condition. So no this isn't the new version. If they do force me I will leave them although I'm not thrilled with Word Press.

Randal Graves said...

What's this all aboot?