Tuesday, May 15, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

Poll: Half of Americans call Facebook a fad
Probably true. Zuck will hang around long enough to cash in then retire at 30
Arizona governor vetoes law demanding return of federal lands
She didn't have any buyers stupid enough to fork over the cash for a bunch of desert land I guess.
Balding disease killing Australia's wombats
Now there's an important news flash we must know about. Can't we just get them some Rogaine?
Henry Kissinger Gets a Pat-Down at New York Airport
Nothing like feeling up an old German. Looking for wiener bombs now?
GOP kills civil unions in Colorado special session
GOP is killing everybody anyway. And they wasted a special session for this?
Euro zone finance ministers dismiss Greek exit 'propaganda'
Ha! You think they're going to squeeze blood out of a turnip?
Arizona wildfires scorch thousands of acres
That usually happens every year. This year a little sooner than usual.
Calif. gov. proposes billions in cuts amid major budget shortfall
Oh that'll up the tax base won't it. Will the last person leaving L.A. please get the lights?

Then we have the usual spate of dress malfunctions, scantily clad wanna be stars and celebrity couple fall outs but who cares. As I said it's news you can't use. Now carry on.

Label this too lazy to blog or just a slow news day. And you watch once I post this some major event will blow up over night or in the morning.


The Blog Fodder said...

EU and the Euro were the only "country" and currency big enough to challenge USA in any economic fashion. Similar population, large total economy, etc. Looks like the crash of 2008 killed several birds with one stone. Euro is dust and so is the EU.

BBC said...

It's a big cluster fuck but the weather is nice, I'm loving it.

Randal Graves said...

Everyone knows that you squeeze blood out of vampires.

Glad my kilt malfunctioning days are behind me.

Demeur said...

Missed that one Randal. The tube on the tube was it?

Think I'll do some chores around the place today before the rain comes back.

Seeing as how the casino is still open I see another crash coming Fodder.

harry said...

Don't usually watch TV, haven't seen a new movie in years, but I'm loving the shit out of the lawsuit against that fuckwit John Travolta.

What a creepy bastard, looks like death warmed over. Flys his own 737(?) around the country sucking off old jews for movie roles and trying to find a massage.

Oh yeah, I'm wallowing in this one. I believe it's got traction.
He's going down.

BBC said...

Harry seems to get around a lot on the internut.