Monday, May 28, 2012

Odd news and other stuff you can't use

I swear I didn't make this stuff up.

Miami police kill naked man found eating another man’s face.I thought zombie season was over.

Cows crashed a BBQ and started drinking all the beer. Last time Bessie will be invited to the family picnic. Guess she took issue with the all beef burgers and hot dogs.

Good to bee back! Extinct species returns to Britain after 24 years. That'd bee short haired bumblebees. Okay enough with the puns.

Responding to Climate Change Global warming winner: Once-rare butterfly thrives. What makes the brown Argus different is that it found something new to eat, something even better than its old food, the less common rockrose plant, Hill said. The new food is a geranium and it is more widespread. Who said animals can't adapt? Maybe we'll have marlin fishing here in the northwest soon.


BBC said...

Maybe we'll be able to grow bananas.

BBC said...

What concerns me is the fact that as the southern areas become too hard to live in that those idiots will want to move here and chew up our resources.

Demeur said...

"Our" resources? Didn't see your name on the plot of land you bought when you moved here.

BBC said...

Not my fault, it's the system and fucking real estate salesmen.

Demeur said...

A cheap excuse if you ask me.