Monday, May 14, 2012

Ideologies be damned it's all about greed

Look at any of the events happening around the world and they can be boiled down to the least redeeming human factor. Greed, that vile human nature that rears its' ugly head at the most inopportune times. Proven fact that the bulk of shoplifters did not do so out of need. No needs were met when the electronic device was stolen. This is no loaf of bread.

Look around the world at all about the greed. Those with multiple houses and yachts don't need another, But there is no "enough" for them. Tens of thousands is but sofa change to them. Is one hundred thousand enough? Of course not. Perhaps a million would do? Think again. A billion or two maybe but you're only getting warm. No the truth be known there comes a time when the whole thing becomes a game and those playing it could care less about who gets killed in the process. And how cruel it is that they have the gaul to jest about their victims, laughing as they steal grandma's pension. Then you have main stream media boasting that these criminals are somehow morally superior to the rest of us Peonage ™ . Who will be the first trillionaire?

How much is too much? Is it when you have so much that you can't keep track of what you have or even know what you have? Have you become so embroiled in the game that you can't stop? Like a bad habit one is never enough nor even a thousand or a million or a billion. Has it become so objectified that you can't see the damage or the lives you've ruined in the process? You produced nothing. Not one beneficial scrap furthering the welfare of mankind. No Nobel prize for you. You reap all the rewards while leaving us with the risks and the mess to clean up after you've failed. You think we haven't noticed? You've sold debt and misery and expect us to believe that more of the same is the answer. And the game will continue until enough of us have said "enough!". Every dog has his day and yours' is coming because you need us more than we need you. You add nothing to the sum total.

I therefore decree to own everything and will redistribute the wealth accordingly. All hedge fund managers will report to the evacuation pod for their trip to Mars to kindly get the hell off the planet. All other dross of Wall Street not contributing benefits to the gene pool will kindly follow in an orderly fashion. Fear not there is plenty of room for you and your offsprings. Yes this includes oil executives, bank bunglers, Koch heads and the like. And upon their exit shall be declared a day of global celebration because who doesn't like a good party after a good win like that?


BBC said...

How much greed is enough? Well, the fancy pecker extension boats we make here is 40 to 50 million bucks per unit. It employes folks here but not all that many and they don't pay all that well but it's jobs.

Hey, how about that big oil find in the Rockies? Things may get interesting there, but I don't expect gas to go down much, it's their oil, not ours, whoever in the hell 'they' are.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Those with multiple houses and yachts don't need another, But there is no "enough" for them."

I would word it a little differently: But there is no difference for too many of them. There are people who, like someone who's had two fresh, rich chocolate candies and knows he'd gag on a third, go from seeking more and more wealth to giving serious portions of their wealth away. Andrew Carnegie did that. The Rockefellers have been very open handed. Bill Gates and his wife are among those doing it now.

I think an equally important thing to wonder is, how much corporate profit is enough?

There is seemingly no concept these days of a fair profit, a decent profit or a reasonable profit. Any CEO who announces he's shooting for one of those, or who describes profits his company has made as one of those, is risking his career. And, the Wall Street crowd could very well see to it his career will come to a premature end.

No, any more nearly all of them will go to absurd, sometimes reckless and damaging lengths to earn every last dollar they can. It's maximum profits at any cost, and the cost can include harm to lots of innocent bystanders. Just look at what Enron did.

The Blog Fodder said...

Agree totally with SW's second last paragraph. It is corporate profits that are killing the world, more so than even personal wealth.

Randal Graves said...

Mars? Hell no, we'll need to terraform that place eventually. Send them to Venus, they'll just burn up once they enter the atmosphere.