Thursday, May 10, 2012

The copyright Nazis are upon us

A condom for your eyes and ears.
No I wasn't planning on building some music or visual empire on the use of electrons floating about out here. I just wanted a momentary example to reinforce a concept. No peep show here. No nickels required. Ah but don't get caught because fair use is slowly dying. It isn't fair and now you can't use it. Wonder if these boys have figured out that just about every word and incantation has already been used and probably abused by the likes of millions. Oops make that billions now. What better way to stem the tide of creativity and human progress than to sequester ideas. You can own it for a price but don't try and pass it on to a friend. This school yard has rules you know. But we've seen this all before a time or two. Dust off your beta and fire up the reel to reel. Where'd we leave that blank cassette tapes? Face it they lost. Too many smarter 15 year olds who can jimmy any lock they can come up with.

The cat and mouse game has been going on for decades now. The underground always wins in the end. Like cockroaches you'll never rid the planet. Pirates you call them. Didn't you know? Pirates are quaint now, the in thing. Johnny Depp saw to that. So what's the problem mate? The CEO run out of Beluga? The artist sure isn't living the high life out of Motel 6. Go ahead and sue grandma. Suck down her last pension check. What did she know when grandson asked to make her computer run faster? His Ipod sure is loaded now though.

Billions and billions of cyber electrons swirling and whirling stuck in some nsa server. Pass on the Facey Tweety Redit email it IM it chatty text message because you didn't have anything that important to say anyway. Who cares whether the beans are unsalted or not? Just pick one and head for the counter. We don't have all day ya know. And no they were out of your favorite brand of chips you'll have to settle for generic. Decisions decisions such life altering decisions, but somewhere for all posterity these bits will be saved filtered categorized and analyzed by some electronic archeologist.

Now excuse me I think they're running reruns of Captain Kangaroo, now don't tell me I have nothing to do. Or so it was written.

This non copyrighted material was brought to you by Casa Demeur. Feel free to spread it about like manure. Use it but don't abuse it as it's author wishes not to be treated like a two dollar whore. All sales final. Void where prohibited. No artists or musicians were harmed in the making of this material.


Randal Graves said...

No registered trademarks were harmed in the making of this post.

harry said...

"... No artists or musicians were involved in the making of this material."

harry said...
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BBC said...

Copyrights are bullshit, if you are going to post things on the internut where others can grab copies of them, even idiots like us, you don't have a leg to stand on.

You could never peruse and sue the many of us that take things to reuse.

The Blog Fodder said...

I only steal from the best.

Roger Owen Green said...

It seems that the biggest whiners (RIAA, MPAA) have no concept of fair use.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Demeur said...

Sorry guys I just registered you're comments so now you must pay me royalties.

Tom Harper said...

"This non copyrighted material was brought to you by Casa Demeur. Feel free to spread it about like manure."

I've got a capital idea. I'll purchase the copyright to this post. Then if I see anyone else quoting from it, I'll sue that person for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Beats working for a living.