Monday, May 7, 2012

Eat the rich

(Okay I knew there'd be a rock group tied to this somehow.)

The tide is slowly turning on a world scale. The peonage ™ aren't falling for the "let them eat nothing" scenario. Mr. Sarkozy got too cozy with the posh and the pompous and has now paid the price. In Greece it's the same story. Blaming the victim just won't cut it anymore. So if your income is in the seven digits be afraid be very afraid. We're coming for you.
Mr. Raw Money thinks that we can just borrow a couple of million from our parents to start a business. Yeah right! We'd be lucky to get bus fare at this rate. Student loans aren't free ya know and most have moved back in with their parents just for the roof overhead.

The time is coming. Can't wait for the elections. Aside from killing the TV to ignore being victimized by the lies (Sorry guys I was not the one who caused the economic melt down. I did my job and paid my bills) I'm sure we'll have enough campaign literature to keep the fireplace burning all winter. May be a few close races but enough have wised up to the BS we've been fed. Blaming everybody but yourselves is a trick best reserved for a five year old and even then it doesn't work. We're slowly coming out of the ditch and you want to steer us back into it? Then just get the hell out of the car. You got legs you can walk.

Mmmm! Pate of millionaire. I hear if it's seasoned just right it goes well with melba toast. Maybe chief Ramsey could give us a few pointers. Have to get the oil hot enough and pick the juiciest freshest stock. No old money for this dish so Warren I think you're safe at least for now.

And with all that's gone on I didn't get time to check the bank fails last week so here it is. Security bank of Florida I guess was not so secure and shut it's doors. Shouldn't have tried to develop that swamp land. The gators must have scared off potential buyers.

So eat the rich but remember they are high in calories and sometimes hard to digest.


BBC said...

I call bullshit on everything. The leadership calls for austerity to try to get things under control again so the voters boot them out because they like their spoiled lives and don't want to tighten their belts.

But after it all tumbles they'll have to anyway. The government can't spend more money unless they get it from the workers and business community, there's no way to win this mess.

Well, my problem today is to figure out how to anchor a boat cover to keep the wind from blowing it off, then I'll have some ice cream.

Hugh G Rekshonn said...

Good on the freedom loving Frenchy fags.

And on those greasy ass lovin' Greeks too also, even.

Water filled gallon milk jugs tied through handles to tarp eyelets ain't MY fucking idea but some redneck ideas are elegante in their simplicity.


BBC said...

Global luxury goods sector continues to grow...... The haves will keep spending, all you need is something to sell them.

S.W. Anderson said...

I hope voters will use the ballot to make clear to the (reportedly) fewer than 50 very wealthy individuals, families and corporations trying to buy the coming federal elections that numbers of people can trump numbers of dollars.

Randal Graves said...

Can't wait until they jack up bus fares to pay for the extra cops due to the Space Casino.

Gasoline is people!

BBC said...

Happy Tuesday, all is well, yes?

I should go visit Harry but think I'll stick around here and split some more firewood.

harry said...

Well is hell.

Tuesdays chile' bean pretty fucked up the past few days,

might-better wait 'till next week.

Might better bring a shovel and a sack of lime.

Anonymous said...

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