Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rendition and a short visit to the Gulag

It was a simple process like putting a key in a lock and turning. In this particular case it was a simple act of writing a snarky comment and hitting the post button. And then all hell broke loose. Suddenly you were no longer you or in this case I was no longer me. Had I said something wrong? Had I accidently hit a wrong key while clicking? In the click of a mouse, a nano second in real time I was gone, scooped up like a dissident in old Soviet Russia and shipped to the Gulag of some server in god knows what country. A nothing unable to exist. People worry about other people coming in the middle of the night to snatch them up or coming to take their guns. Forget that. That would be child's play compared to being erased in cyberspace. And I don't think it would be that hard. There is a way after all to trace a person even with multi firewalls and encryption. And they (whoever they are) are getting better at it. We've seen the documents held in the most secure of places plastered on the web. So it's a wonder who monitors the monitors who monitor the monitors. Not a lick of trust left in the world. So if you have a secret keep it to yourself and not on any computer file nor thumb drive or disk or memory card.

The last bastion of privacy is our own brains and I wouldn't doubt that they're trying to figure out a way to break into that. We know what you're thinking. Oh do you really? Well then you know what I'd like to do with this ram rod then after you made my life a living hell.

Lies lies and more lies, the toothpaste didn't make my teeth whiter and brighter. Your product wasn't new and improved and it doesn't run any faster or add functionality, it only costs more. And you keep shaving off the edges. We're on to your plan. Give them just a tiny bit less and they might not notice until what's left wouldn't accommodate a leprechaun. Rinse repeat and etc etc and your profit margins will swell. That is until your customer base gets wise and leaves you in the dust.

So it's a temporary reprieve, a release on bail until such time as the polite bureau of the inertubes deems what's best for us all. You can't fight customer no service. Their only response is a computer generated email about as useless as junk mail to a blind man. So on our merry way we go. You have my forwarding address just in case.


BBC said...

Those that think they can hide on the internut are just thinking silly, the Goggle geeks can find anyone they want to find if they decide to shut them up.

Super moon is tonight.

Demeur said...

Super moon? Well put your pants back on then.

Demeur said...

About your neighbors, nobody gives a rats ass about anything anymore. I called the cops on a neighbor a while back and they came out and did absolutely nothing. Didn't even talk to him.

Randal Graves said...

The matrix is telling me that this is turkey jerky.

I remember back at the old place when I would call the cops on the jackass who would break out his power tools at 7am on a Sunday to work on his junker, the cops said that people make more noise in the summer. And if I had taken a crowbar to his skull, I'd be the one in jail. That's democracy for ya.

BBC said...

By the time the cop got here there was nothing going so there was nothing he could do. But the idiots next door will be more careful in the future, it's been nice and quite over there the last few days.

Demeur said...

They'll be quiet for a while but you know they'll be back at it in the next few months. Idiots act the same everywhere. I think it's a club.

Hugh G Rekshonn said...

Maybe at least next time the snotnosed punk will realize the truth-

"old" guys got no time to waste and nothing to lose by kill young punks. That punk would have shit his nickers if you told him his mom just got finished sucking your Jesus-sized old guy cock.

Papa was a midget, Mama was a whore, Grandad was a newsboy 'till he was 84 .......

Was about time you changed the oil in this auld bitch Demeur.